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  1. Hey Guys Just curious to know about fuel pump. How will i know if the fuel pump of my car is broken or not working optimally?
  2. very interesting. Actually somewhere these techniques helps in the marketing of the car. Really liked the idea!!!
  3. I would never suggest anyone to go for rent a car. Only if you have an emergency, then rent a car can be considered as an option, otherwise NO. If you look up to their rules book, they are really strict with their claims. And also, If even a small scratch comes on the rent a car, then they will charge you may be double of the original cost. So, rent a car is never a good option.
  4. My votes goes to used one, but clean. Enjoy more in less, why pay extra when you can save a first year or two major depreciation.
  5. Switching back in time for saving gas..........! in Dubai............even more strange. I really dont think that fuel difference will be so much noticeable to support your decision, may be you might save a 100 dhs a month. If you have any other undisclosed reason for this switch, by all means Qx4 isnt back at all. My friend had it for 6 years and driven over 100k kms without any problem.
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