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  1. When to replace? Its simple. Replace it when its broken. How to replace? Follow the following steps: Before replacing it, remove the negative terminal of the battery At first, raise your vehicle from the front Then you need to drain the coolant and antifreeze from the radiator Now remove the hoses from the heater core You can lower your car back to the normal position. Now locate the heater cores and remove the mounting clamps of the same. Remove the heater core and dry the carpeting by side. You can now install the new heater core as per guided and suggested by your dealer or as per mentioned in the car manual. That's it!
  2. The best suited gas for your car is always recomended by your dealer and service centre. You can also look up into the car manual you have been provided in order to know the best viscosity suited for your car.
  3. Check the condenser. May be some leaves or insects are obstructing the airflow from the condenser.
  4. Always check the oil filter when you are changing the oil. It helps i knowing if the performance of the filter is up to mark or need repair or replacement!
  5. STFT means short term fuel trim which basically explains the regular interval of occurrence in fuel change. LTFT is long term fuel trim which is the number of changed happening in STFT during longer period of time.
  6. actually you may need it. The weather here is humid most of the times. And for clear vision especially early morning time in winters, defrosters will help you.
  7. Hi guys. I think we should also discuss upon repair safety tips and points. According to me that is really crucial. What say guys!
  8. I think it’s between 500 to 900AED. In addition to that you get some black points. But that happens if Police catches you.
  9. How to interlock the steering with the ignition switch in elantra
  10. The trim of my Hyundai is fading. IS there any way to rejuvenating it? If anyone knows, please tell me how to do it?
  11. How can I disconnect the high voltage hybrid battery in my car?
  12. Can anyone tell me how to switch the car insurance from one company to other insurance company?
  13. I see. I think I will go for Nokia option. Anyways I want to buy a windows platform phone. Thanks man.
  14. Awesome! You solved my problem completely.
  15. Awesome. Since the wheel bearing is too lose in your car, you need to tighten the hub nut on you wheel using the wrench. But do that after putting hand brake in your car. Then test drive your car to check the wheel bearing. Don't tighten it too much and the drive is too stiff.
  16. Ya dude. Wheel bearing actually holds the wheel, and if it's making any noise, it means the bearing is lose. Before it losses completely and the wheel actually comes out, you need to tighten it up. Have you ever done a DIY task in your car?
  17. I want to ask if I can find a pocket navigation here. I don't need a GPS for car as I want my navigation with me even when I am walking or using a public transport.
  18. How do I judge different fog lights for my car. I mean which one are best suited for my car?
  19. Does anyone here own a Honda car. If yes, please tell me how the antilock brakes works in Hondas?
  20. Well whenever i did tire rotation, all i used were these: Jack, 4 safety Jack stands for 4 tires and lug wrench
  21. There is some issue in the air filter and the warranty of my car is expired. So please suggest me if i should get it replaced in my service center or to a local workshop. I don't wanna spend unnecessary if it's not required.
  22. Depends. If the fouling is because of the short distance driving, then justtake your car on the highway and drive on highway speed for 20 min. It will be fine If the fouling is really severe, then you need to remove the sprk plugs and clean it using the spark plug ceaner that will remove th dirt and sand blast from the spark plug. If that doesnt work, you need to get replaced my friend.
  23. Hey everyone. Can anyone tell me how test the ignition coil in Porsche Cayman?
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