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  1. When to replace? Its simple. Replace it when its broken. 


    How to replace? Follow the following steps:


    Before replacing it, remove the negative terminal of the battery

    At first, raise your vehicle from the front

    Then you need to drain the coolant and antifreeze from the radiator

    Now remove the hoses from the heater core

    You can lower your car back to the normal position.

    Now locate the heater cores and remove the mounting clamps of the same. 

    Remove the heater core and dry the carpeting by side.

    You can now install the new heater core as per guided and suggested by your dealer or as per mentioned in the car manual. 


    That's it!

  2. Depends. If the fouling is because of the short distance driving, then justtake your car on the highway and drive on highway speed for 20 min. It will be fine


    If the fouling is really severe, then you need to remove the sprk plugs and clean it using the spark plug ceaner that will remove th dirt and sand blast from the spark plug. If that doesnt work, you need to get replaced my friend.

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