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  1. Basically when the voltage output is at is maximum in the car electric system its not really healthy for a car. So the voltage regulator helps in limits the voltage in order to avoid any electric short circuit.
  2. I heard some of the synthetic oil used in a car is made of animal fat. Is it really safe to use the same. I mean it doesnt really sound eco friendly to me. Is anyone aware about the same.
  3. Hey people. I have an interesting questing for Audi lovers. Which car do you like there best, convertible or nonconvertible and why? Hoping for interesting answers.
  4. What does it mean by Engine stalling?
  5. Hey people. I have an interesting topic. We all know about electric cars right? Do you think its worth it! I mean what do you think of the performance of such cars?
  6. Automatic is actually better driven on Dubai roads because of the increasing temperature. You cannotalways handle the clutch every single time you drive in this traffic.
  7. What does it mean by Idle surging in a car?
  8. What does the automatic transmission filter used for? I mean what is it required for?
  9. Awesome. I stay here alone and my family is in India. But this Eid, I bought them Audi A3. Though I wasn’t there to see their happiness, but when I talked to them on the phone, they were really excited about their new car. My family really misses me and especially after this gift; they are just proud to own one.
  10. I owned Q45 before. And I like that car. Only thing is that you need to take care of the car regularly. Go for the servicing regularly. Overall, the performance of the car is really good. I think you should go for it.
  11. True! I am disappointed by them too.
  12. I really like the concept and style of G sedan infiniti. Not really sure about the engine features, but overall it gives a like look and modified features.
  13. I have Q 45 an trust me, its amazing. When i went see this car for the first time, i was not really sure. But after test driving it, i was really sure to buy this car. Not only me, but all my relatives, family and friends love this car because of the exceptional features and the comfort level of this car. Every weekend my family insist to go on a long drive in this car. And we always enjoy our trip.
  14. Many workshops promise to deliver the fuel tank completely clean if the gas is contaminated. But it is not possible to remove the water from there as the alcohol present there attracts the water and doesn’t matter how much you clean it, it wont be helpful in removing the water from inside.
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