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  1. I have driven an Infiniti Q45 for a long while now. I must say it is by far the most reliable car I have had. It’s quite firm and so accelerates smoothly. It’s also absolutely quiet and the power is great. It can be a bit pricey to maintain as its giving me 27kmpg but that’s a common issue with these engines. I am not selling mine, at least not in the near future.
  2. The USB has nothing to do with the connecting problem. Might be your on-board software. Have it re-installed? Also have the battery checked out, if the battery fails to provide the required amount of electricity to the system, it malfunctions.
  3. i cant believe that the battery has issues, i had a new battery installed late last year, plus when it was being serviced last, the battery was thoroughly checked. There were no signs of the battery dying before. i think the problem is smaller and related to the components associated with the battery instead of the battery itself. plus i have had battery issues before and when it is due to die, it dies, it doesn't drive me home. This is why i had my battery changed last year as well.
  4. Hello there, I have an infiniti M35 and have been having problems with my car. I was driving yesterday when my headlights start to flicker and then my radio and nav system went out for a while. it seemed as all of a sudden my car started to lack the power to drive as well. I managed to get home. Now i started it and it would not start. it has never done this before. Is it the battery? Can someone help? thank god for two cars around the house.
  5. Okay! sure that I will keep in mind. haha noo rotten eggs smell. I would have been surprised! Thanks for the support everyone.
  6. thanks you two I will be checking these things myself and see if there are any problems which I can get my hands on or get checked. A friend of mine sat in my car and suggested that the smell was of a metal burning smell and not exactly the exhaust kind of smell. Since that is a second opinion, anyone can advise what else I can check for this metal burning smell. I could have been wrong before.
  7. Hello everyone, I own a QX56 10 and have stated to sense that there is a smell around the car. I don't think its something in the interiors but it seems to be more like exhaust/gas smell. Don't want a mall problem turn into a big one .. how can i determine which smell it is and how can i find a source. Anyone else experienced this kind of situation in their QX56?
  8. Hi guys, I am looking forward to selling my car and wanted to know if anyone can give me some unique and interesting on how i go about doing that, like adding images ? apart from the exterior images, do any other kind of images help buyers? Any new ideas would be appreciated Thanks
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