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  1. My windows have acted up again. i had it fixed 2 years back and same problem came up again. I spent 500 with only six months guaranty. My car is a 2001 model so i really dont know if i should fix this or sell this car. Please advise
  2. This week best and helpful post winner is Derek. http://www.kiadubai.com/accessories/hitch-for-sorento-2013-t360.html#p1370
  3. This week best and helpful post winner is Amin. http://www.kiadubai.com/optima/service-maintenance-schedules-intervals-t361.html#p1362
  4. This week best and helpful post winner is Sachin. http://www.kiadubai.com/sorento/kia-sorento-possible-upgrade-engine-from-t355.html#p1345
  5. This week best and helpful post winner is Leo. http://www.kiadubai.com/sedona/oil-leak-t354.html#p1324
  6. Carnity members get a chance to win 100 AED worth mobile recharge by simply posting new creative topic or by helping fellow community members with their queries! It's as simple as that - make an account (if you haven't already), log in, and post something. It can be anything, a reply to someone else's post or your own new thread, a nice picture of your ride, or a thoughtful article or review of your new car. Share the same with your friends and increase your chances of winning! Watch this space every week for the winners and the best post submitted.
  7. Thanks Renjith for the much awaited Second Kia Drive, though date is quiet for to plan and not to plan. I am more than likely in, but confirm closer to the date. My vote: HATTTTTTTAAAAAAA.
  8. My vote is also Hatta, like renjith. Will join depending on available weekend, as i am over loaded after the vacation.
  9. Got it ordered by ebay was much cheaper and easier.
  10. get a shot at download dot com or piratebay you may get lucky.
  11. I have heard good reviews of new Cad, haven't owned one yet. Would love to hear from someone who owns it. Kia design and detailing is getting better year after year.
  12. it dosnt have a eco button.
  13. I reckon if you can update firmware by yourself. You can check with dealers though if they can. Still firmware upgrade wont upgrade features of your Navigation software, you need better update version (if it exists) with better intelligence and sorting mechanism on searched coordinates and POI.
  14. This good group initiative and help to each other, but appreciate if you can share the project details, prices, shops etc here for us too I am broke right now but might do something soon in next few months, so appreciate the ready information and experience.
  15. took a small test drive today and i liked the car too...
  16. my friend has bought a second hand 2012 kia sportage and says its the best car for this economy. avg is 400kms on full tank.
  17. There should be some more interesting and creative ideas to keep members engaged, busy and coming back on daily basis.
  18. Dear Members, Thanks for being a part of our Kia Dubai online community. It has been almost 3 years since our online community came into existence. And with your support over the years we have grown into a well integrated online car community in this region. A lot of members have joined our ever-growing community, and most of them turning out to be very good friends. Friends, today we are seeking a few minutes of your fast paced Dubai life to share your thoughts on a quick poll. This will help us assess and even prove how much our online community has been useful to our loyal members across the region. It is a poll to identify how much value our online community adds to you personally and gives us an opportunity to enhance and add features that may help to save more from that pinch on your pocket.
  19. How sad that you have faced this kind of situation somehow i have always good a good service from them
  20. Thanks suneel. have changed the fuel gauge.
  21. Instead of doubting the gauge, i think its more of a sensor issue. Get the fuel sending sensor unit checked first and see if thatr little fellow is culprit. As its mucg cheaper than gauge. Good luck mate.
  22. My Kia Optima fuel gauge fluctuate and dance on steady highway drive. It has a play of 15% - 20% within 3-5 mins. I have never seen or rather notice such play before. Any other Kia Optima owner please confirm this play is under normal driving behavior?
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