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  2. Not necessary in my case the dealer ship guys wont even respond to the warranty issues that I have in my car I am sure without even visiting them that dyna trade would be much better in servicing the KIA themselves that's how bad and expensive the servicing is
  3. I think the maximum with the tyre It will cost you about AED1200 if you go for Nexen tyres which come along with the car
  4. I can see the number of views are increasing but noe cares to reply a simple yes or no would help guys come on
  5. Very wisely said but frankly there is not much difference between a build quality of a KIA compared to any of it Japanese rivals I went for it becuase lets face it in Dubai you have to change a car every 5 - 10 year be it a Japanese or a Korean, Myself I move for a Japanese car and the only reason I went for it is beacuse the build quality and the options I get is almostthe same as I would get in Japanese car. Why pay almost 30 - 40% more and go for the same thig yes I would give a point to the Japanese for its excelletn resale value. But then again If you look at a toyota corolla today the basic model starts froma whopping 70-80K so if you buy a car so expensive the obviously the depreciation is going to be slow as well. With regards to the serice it very very bad as a matter of fact I have nbow decided not to go to the service centre any more and instead get the service done my self getting original spare parts ofcourse. I would like to get your feed back based on your expeirence Amin
  6. The bestdeals on tyres you will get in al qouz dubai in dyna trade for nexen tyres
  7. So far have been drinig a KIA for 2 Years and I am prety much stisfied with the quality I paid for, as well as the performace I paid for still is as good as I took it Out from the Showroom, The only darw back I see in KIA in U.A.E is the number of service centres and the prople who serve you. At times I ahve even faced that the service guy are charging me for stuff that they even don't know what's for I hope they can make it better soon
  8. My sugestion is try ti fuse box belo the steering wheel and the one above the batter try changing the fuse first before going in deep
  9. See the Econ button only help on highway continuos driving but in city I have felt its better to turn it off
  10. KIA Service centre body repair shop rashidya i had an accident with my car on the right side they fixed it but the put a scratch on the interior of my car which the never accepted that they had done thaat even though it show perfect sign of struggle to open the door from the inside to fix it
  11. Hi Carnity users Just wanted your help with something. Are convoy or group drive fun in U.A.E. ?? Yes or no, also please mention a reason what ever your answer may be
  12. Location has been voted for Hatta day drive and get together with other Kia owners. It's a chance to meet fellow Kia owners in Dubai and spend quality time together and socialize by sharing the same brand enthusiasm - what a great way to welcome Dubai winter. Renjith will be leading the convoy and drive all of us to some amazing place/s in Hatta. It is very much within UAE and no passport is required (Carrying Emirates ID is enough for occasional checks) yet having it as a precuation is better. It is not an offroad drive, hence route will be fit for any Kia car. Joining is absolutely free, so call your friends and family to join Kia Dubai Fun Drive. We plan to have tea, sheesha or bbq session and relax in nice scenic beauty of Hatta, with all Kia cars in the backdrop. Date: 1 November 2013, Friday Meeting time: 2.30pm - 3.00pm Meeting point: Eppco Petrol Station on Hatta Oman road before dragon mart (near international city entrance). Return by: 7pm - 8pm or as you like. Contact: Renjith (050 4443620, 055 9166813) and Ali (050 4857353).
  13. I am sure we will be going I will try to call rejith and see whats the plan
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