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  1. Hey EAM As mentioned earlier it is not the suspension but instead the handbrake that causes the sound. If you apply the handbrake and push the boot you will hear the sound. I honestly got sick of taking the car to the service centre since they cant fix it so now I only use the handbrake if parked on a slope or something. All other times I don't use handbrake so there is no noise and I am happy.
  2. Hi, They kept your car for a MONTH?! What exactly was the issue with your car that they kept it for that long? They have tightened my brakes as well since I gave it for a 40,000KMS service. Glad you are enjoying being back into your Cadenza. Consider it a National Day gift from Kia haha. I still hear the sound from my handbrake spring, so I have decided to stop using the handbrake since this way there is no noise at all and I feel happy not hearing the noise anymore.
  3. I have just given my car in for service today, hoping the issue is resolved once and for all. I was informed that Cadenza and Sorento both have a problem with this noise from the handbrake spring. The engineer did tell me they can lubricate it and the noise will stop but it would also mean when the car is washed, the lubrication will be gone. which means I will have to visit them again and again. That's why I want them to fix it properly and not only spray WD-40 on it. Prior to my Cadenza, I was driving a 2001 Lancer which did come with ABS but no EBD. I am aware of not pumping the brake pedal in a car that is equipped with ABS. Since the Cadenza is in service, I am driving a rented Optima for now and the braking feels stronger than it does in the Cadenza. I mean you can lightly press the Optima brakes and feel the car slowing down. Whereas in the Cadenza, you have to press properly before the car starts slowing down. Thanks once again for your help, I was so happy to know what the issue really was.
  4. Haha, yes it was a typo! I was just so excited that someone has finally diagnosed the issue! You were correct, it was the hand brake spring. Thanks
  5. ibbu_20, YOU ARE A GENIUS! It is to do with the suspension! You have more knowledge than the Kia technicians themselves! Thank you so much!
  6. ibbu_20, I think you might be correct about the creaking sound. Now that you mention it, I have noticed the creaking sound while pressing the hand brake as well. Have you managed to solve this issue in your car? The wheel alignment and vibration is fine for now, the current main issue I have to get solved is the hazard light button since it is jammed inside. I have asked them to change the brake pads but they only keep tightening the brakes, never seem to want to change them. I'm not sure if you'll have noticed but if you drive at exactly 60 and then drop around 58 and accelerate again, there is a jerk which I'm assuming is to do with the gear shift however it is quite annoying when driving in moving traffic. Thanks a lot for your feedback, I will surely pay more attention to the creaking noise and if it only occurs when the handbrake is pressed.
  7. Haha That's a great idea! Now only if all the other Cadenza owners read this and share their experience! I thought I was the only one with a defective Cadenza!
  8. It is shocking that we have almost the same problems. I am thinking of making a bigger complaint, for example writing to car magazines and car websites about how bad the car is. Maybe, Kia will read this and hopefully fix all our problems.
  9. Greetings All, I am the owner of a 2012 Kia Cadenza top of the range that was purchased brand new from the showroom but unfortunately it has been trouble since day 1. Having owned it for over a year and making countless visits to the service center in Ras Al Khor (Dubai), this is what I have to say: * Upon purchasing the vehicle, I realized that every time I started the car, the clock would reset to 11AM and all my radio stations were wiped off. So just a day after delivery, I made my first trip to the service center where I was told the spark plugs were installed incorrectly and later the problem was fixed. * I also noticed the steering wheel vibrating ridiculously if I drove over 80KM/H, so it wasn't long before I headed back to the service center only to hear excuses such as "The road surface is this way". No matter how much I argued and insisted that all tires be changed since the vehicle hadn't even completed 300KMS, they refused and instead did some sort of temporary fix. However, the result of this was that now the car had started pulling towards the left of the road irrespective of what speed it was being driven at. This meant wheel balancing and wheel alignment had to be carried out thrice before the issue was sorted. Now you're probably wondering what's the big deal here but do you honestly wish to visit the service center thrice in a week with complaint after complaint knowing you bought a BRAND NEW VEHICLE? * Just when I thought the problems were done with, I noticed the brakes worsening and visited the service center again. No matter how hard you try explaining to them that the brakes aren't strong enough and you have to press the brake pedal a lot earlier now, they don't seem to care. During the test drive with engineer, he jams the brake pedal in and as long as the vehicle stops, there seems to be no problem according to them. * Now for the worst problem of them all, the SUSPENSION. There is a SERIOUS problem with the rear suspension since it creaks ridiculously loudly whenever passengers or even I unload from the vehicle. I have already taken the car to the Ras Al Khor Service Center FOUR times, but they have been UNABLE to solve the issue. They have tried tightening the suspension, loosening it, removing a couple of rods and a few other bits but nothing seems to have worked yet. Even though the car is covered with a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty and I have paid for a service contract until 40,000KMS, they refuse to change the suspension and only keep giving me a temporary solution which lasts no more than a week. * Just today, I stopped at a pedestrian crossing for an individual to cross the road and noticed that my hazard light button had got stuck inside! Is this the quality you except from Kia's flagship model? I have visited the Ras Al Khor Service Center time and again only to be disappointed and not have issues with my car solved. I wonder if this is the type of service they give to customers, how does it relate to their motto of "FAMILY LIKE CARE" I cannot even begin to imagine if customers of their flagship sedan are treated this badly, how much worse customers of other models must be treated. I will certainly, never ever buy a Kia vehicle ever again.
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