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  1. Hello guys. I have been a Kia Optima '11 Owner since 2010 (Latest Body Model). I have yet to find a shop that do upgrade for KIA - and I am dying to find one. If you have any idea of a shop that does upgrades for KIA OPTIMA, Please let me know. Looking for: - Front Headlight Assembly - Angel Eyes, LED strips... - Body Kits... - Navigation modification. (from Normal radio to Touch screen) So far I have made to some extent Minor Modification for my car. - 20 inch Rims - Replace Kia Logo with K5 Logo - Sound Modification (Ampli, Sub and Twit) - Front Grill - (waiting for shipment to arrive) I will post pictures of my car as soon as I finish installing the grill, for you'll to see. But I still need help on some things. Thanks to provide any info you have.
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