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  1. did the first service.. at 1300km. did at Ras Al Khor service center. its very difficult to get appointment.. need to book service at least some a week before.. i guess this time they just changed the oil and washing. gave it in 9:30 AM and got back by 12:30. after second service (at 5000) there is an option to convert it to 10000km service interval.. need to check if thats ok.. also need to take some service contract.
  2. hii all, got the car finally..surprisingly a lot of things are missing like reverse parking sensor, bluetooth etc.. otherwise its fun to ride..absolute stunner..
  3. hi bro, hope to get the car this week.. will let u know.. i wanted a mid-spec ..but its not available..so settling with a base option for 79,900. Regards
  4. Hi Everyone, Am looking to buy new face-lifted Cadenza. Any new model owners out here. it looks stunning... but it fear that all that glitters is not gold.. cheers
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