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  1. Talk about total stabs in the dark. The Hyundai MDPS system does not have a steering pump nor does it have any fluid. It's an ECU that receives signals from a steering sensor that hen controls a motor which turns the wheels. Seems like you bought your self a lemon since you had the problem from new and it was never really solved. While it was in warranty you should have stood your ground to fix this issue for once and for all. Could be anything from the ecu needing a recalibration, bad steering sensor to a wonky motor. Find yourself a Hyundai specialist who knows this system well and have him look at it. .As you can see majority of the people haven't even heard of this system and giving you all sort of bum advice about steering fluids and pumps. First thing would be to get someone with a Hyundai specific diagnostic tool, none of that standard OBD crap and see what errors the system is giving you and then check the readings to see of everything is in spec.
  2. If anyone watched the first episode of the current season of The Grand Tour will know its not that simple. You have to changes tyres, air intake and even a separate supplied ECU to be able to drag race it. Unlike lets say the Veyron. Where you jist use the second key to unlock all the 1001 horses and flip a switch and the car goes into top speed mode.
  3. Unless you have a supercharged or turbocharged engine where will the cold air go. Directly into the air intake? And knowing you, you will rather give up some performance gain than have to do without AC for 5 mins! Lol 😁
  4. FYI : I never remove the stat due to any heating issues. Its just one of the things I do. And I do understand the argument about backpressure in the cooling system. The reason given it needs to be in the rad for a certain amount of time to cool. But when the stat opens.its free flowing with minimal resistance from the open stat. Also in this region it's totally reasonable and understandable for one not wanting to fork out big $$$ to have the dash ripped out just so he can regain functionality over something he might use maybe once or twice in a year for an hour or so. It's like spending big $$$$$ to fix your AC while living in the artic circle. Just in case one day in summer the temp might come close to 27C Put up a poll here and see how many are willing to spend around 2-2.5k to fix their heaters on their beater off roaders or older daily driver vs 100-200dhs to bypass the system.
  5. So is the engine inside the cabin! Can't see any physical separation inside.
  6. LOL by what that thing! If I saw it on the road I would honestly think, it was an satwa special widebody kit on its way to a garage to get its tails lights installed.
  7. Have a look at both as most have the temps written on them.
  8. Q3,,5,7 and now 8 all look the same. Just like the X3,5 and now 8 do too. I wish manufacturer would stop trying to make all their cars alike. Seems like nowadays everyone has caught this bug. Curses on Porsche for starting this shitty trend.
  9. Thats pretty crappy of Mitsu not to offer Isofix points even in a 2010 by which time it was pretty much standard everywhere. My old ass 2003 has Isofix points.
  10. Nissan have totally lost the plot. Mrs just got handed keys to a new Nissan N17 aka Sunny from the company. OMG what a horrible car it is! Can't see anyone spending their own hard earned money to buy that POS. Only rental and company fleets.
  11. The Chinese can be very diplomatically vengeful, expect JLR sales to drop in China. Or for some made up reason JLR being blocked from selling cars in China. Canada recently arrested one of their major Phone Company CEOs at USA's direction and now China is going all out against Canada. Its already arrested a few Canadians in China, Stopped buying their canola etc etc.
  12. 1 - Out of your budget at such low kms 2 & 3 - Probably all junked due to their shitty CVT transmissions now So only real realistic options left are the Korean boys
  13. LOL seriously, come on man! As if they did get enough shout outs and mentions in mainstream songs that Lambo would sponsor some unknown Desi artists!
  14. I'm from the controversial school of thought that thermostats are absolutely a total waste in these climates and cause more problems than they prevent. I've run all my cars without thermostats even the ones people said are too complicated and would explode even if I cranked them without one. As for your OP look at the rating rather than model of thermostat. The lower the number the thermostat opens on the better in these parts.
  15. WTH is that Lumpy thing? Oh my bad its a Renault P.S : Are those holes in the widebody flares or lights. Can't make out in the pic
  16. No wonder I don't like any of them
  17. I've thing I've noticed smaller engines in SUVs specially full sized ones really doesn't translate to superior mileage. Example 4 cyl Prado barely gives a few kms over the V6 version and really shit power. So in SUVs unless it's diesel vs Petrol its always better to get the bigger engine.
  18. I agree a very hard pedal and weak brakes do indicate a weak brake booster. If it has ABS then the ABS module could be knackered which usually means big $$$$
  19. My Mrs Company rental Yaris 1.5 gives some real bad ass mileage. 70dhs to fill to the brim and easily does 500kms in city and 600plus highway. Should be getting the Indian made Sunny soon lets see how that compares. Although not looking forward to the ugly POS. Dunno what happened to Nissan, seems like they go out of their way to make ugly cars.
  20. Perfect use of the Multipla for its intended customers
  21. Well depends on what your definition of the good old days is? Do you like the ability to dismantle and then reassemble an entire car with a 10mm spanner and a flat screw driver but then ride in a donkey cart with leaf spring suspension, moody carb that wont start on cold mornings and when it does start only a few people can actually make it work right so its not running too rich or too lean and when its working you are getting horrible gas mileage due to its inefficient design or having the stopping distance of a ocean liner with those horrible drum brakes or having massive 8 liter V8 engines that only produce 130hp and struggle to even pull themselves up a hill. Sorry I think, I'll give those old days a miss! In this country is a different situation. Majority of the people live in apartments and have no place to work on their cars, second of all its too hot most times of the years to be out for more than 10 minutes and that pace of life is very busy here, most people leave for work early in the morning and don't return until late in the day and whatever free time they do have they would rather spend with family, friends or doing something they love rather than wrenching on their cars out on a busy street side out in the sun. Not anymore in fact more people getting into DIY because of it. Now even manufacturer specific diagnostic scanners are very affordable and anyone can plug one in and give it a go. I rather not get too oily and undo two nuts and swap out a specific coil pack or CKP sensor without any guesswork which my scanner told were busted then having to fiddle with a distributor and a timing strobe light that is after I have spent hours trying to pinpoint the issue in the first place.
  22. For me the best and most comfy seats are from a P38 range rover, so much so that I even retro fitted them in my Land Rover discovery and another friend after checking them out fitted them out in his Jeep XJ. I also have the latter next gen of Range Rover the L322 but still prefer the seats of the older one. Personally having sat in many generations of the Pajero I dont find them anything to write home about. Just your average run of the mill basic stuff.
  23. Well to be fair thats not the worst example of pre 80s ugly European cars The Hillman Minx and the frog eyed sprite come to mind
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