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  1. Thing is there is no one size fits all solution here, specially since most SUVs now come without gutter rails which I personally used a long flexible CB radio antenna with a gutter mount clamp base. I had success with a double suction handle from dragon Mart ducttaped with a similar antenna. But I didn't it didn't look cool enough to me so stopped using it. More SUV have roof rails or hidden under plastic tabs locks to mount roof rails so people should be looking for ways to do something with those
  2. Has happened to me on my manual Land Cruiser on the washboard gatch tracks of Hatta. The gear was left in 3rd and the lever totally free. Had to drive all the way from Hatta to Ghusais in 3rd. Luckily here also it just fell to the bottom and did not grind in any of the gears. Had to fish it out with a long magnet.
  3. It's not a bad idea if you know what you are doing and know the market well. There is a guy not far from where I live who does this with Lexus LS older generations from 96-06. At any given time he has 10-12 without plates and I'm thinking freshly imported lexus's outside his villa And local crowd is crazy about these because it's ultimate reliable luxury at bargain basement prices But a fully equipped which is called the Ultra clean low milage late ls430 can go for as much as 35-40k
  4. You think like a criminal! Lol Ironically these were they exact same cars used in the famous wafi mall heist. I know the old time residents will remember that clearly. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/wafi-mall-dh14-7-million-heist-pink-panther-in-dubai-court-2016-06-12-1.632783%3fot=ot.AMPPageLayout
  5. Never buy the first years of any new generation of any vehicle. Because they are all bogged down with unforseen bugs and niggles. Very few manufacturers seem to get this right. Better to always last couple of years of the generation because by the end of the run almost everything has been sorted out and will give you the least amount of issues. Not always the case but a general rule of thumb. So in this case the TJ is the end of line for that generation and almost free from most squibbles and the JK is just the start of the JK generation. Another advantage is ( and again not always the case ) by the end of one generation in order to move as many old units out of the way before the new one arrives, almost all optional bells and whistles usually become standard spec on the last year or two. Going back to the OP a TJ would be preferable with the inline 4.0 with proven reliability over the stop gap V6 of the early JK
  6. An off road toy is if it's explodes tomorrow and burns down to it's chassis, you can still walk away from it without a very big hole in your wallet. But if you can afford to bash around in a 200k car without much of us poor folk type of concerns like expensive repairs, depreciation, screwing up your only pride and joy then go for it by all means.. For the OG poster off you can afford it and love the Patrol leave this one for the family and buy yourself another dedicated used patrol just for off road fun. Since this generation has been around for 12 years now I've seen early ones go for 50-60k also. Although personally I would go for the earlier generation as they are not so much of a plastic pig and almost desert ready out of the box and cheaper too. But then again not as roomy or comfy as the current gen Well that just disqualifies you right there and then! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
  7. Not so much when you have fill it up Dunno why Toyota went from the dual tank design to a single one big tank design in the 200 series. The dual tank had a lot of advantages. Better weight distribution. Having two fuel pumps. If one went kaput you could still use the other.
  8. Go look at places where such animals are bought and sold. There was a similar story in the papers recently a kid lost his dog and a few days later saw it being sold in the pet market https://www.google.com/amp/s/gulfnews.com/amp/uae/al-ain-teen-reclaims-stolen-pet-by-reeling-out-its-21-digit-id-number-1.69666305 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/3-stolen-dogs-found-in-sharjah-animal-market-2014-05-19-1.549556%3fot=ot.AMPPageLayout
  9. Don't be fooled. Automatic is not better for desert driving. Plus it's got 300k on the clock. Most of it is already near ending of life and that means constant repairs and replacement for parts
  10. Old school proper drive in theaters offered designated parking spots as well as a big flexible hole like ducting pipe that you could stick in your window and it would vent cool air through it. This version of drive in is totally useless. The screen sucks and 180dhs plus your fuel for two hours of idling andd letting carbon build up in your engine is totally worthless to me. I rather watch a Blu Ray at home
  11. Oh since you got the overheat warning. I would suggest check the ATF. Because one the ATF is cooked it's fucked. Check if it is still pink/redish and sweet smelling. If it is brownish and smells a little burnt then time to change it.
  12. As the manual suggests anything with the 50 at the end for this hot climate.
  13. I hate to say it but as a pure off road toy Get the TJ Wrangler. Make sure it's a hardtop and not a soft top. Comfort is not it's thing.
  14. I play skribbl.io with my 7 year old daughter and the Mrs. You'd be surprised (well I was anyways) how many words your kids know and can even spell them correctly! Also another discovery is that the Mrs is horrible at drawing! It's totally family friendly and no rude words come up.
  15. If you add any more fans your Pajero will have to be reclassified as a helicopter
  16. Go to Jazirah Hamrah just after Al Hamrah Mall. The old deserted town is still there. Also Mawrid area in Ras Al Khaimah . Where Hilton beach resort and spa you can still find old houses and mosques right by the side of the road there Take the scenic route along the beach side to Rak Oh and drive within the speed limit!
  17. There is absolutely no good or valid reason to be going that fast.
  18. Get the car in your driveway but don't go on the busted ECU diagnostics. Do you own investigation. It could be as simple as corroded connections or a cut in wiring loom. Or even just a immobilizer issue. Last ditch effort would be a ECU
  19. And recharging tech and batteries and their standardization. Just like you don't need to go to a Ford petrol pump to pump gas in your Ford. Even with Tesla only with their superchargers can charge your car quickly other wise from a normal wall outlet is like over 24hrs And most EVs don't have charging connectors that are compatible with others
  20. And the price of two is equal to four!
  21. Never say never. I thought the same about a rare Range Rover left hand drive P38 with only 40,000k on the clock which had spent majority of it life in England away from the summer heat and sand parked mostly inside a garage in London with entire service history. It felt smelt, looked and drove like a new car. But the damn 2008 credit crunch got to it eventually.
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