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  1. Along with being a manufacturer specific tool it also doubles as a regular obdii reader and support s all protocol s including j2534 But I wouldn't recommend it for you since you run a shop with many different cars coming in. And by the time you buy half a dozen iCarsoft tools to cover most cars you could probably just buy a multivehicle tool like the launch for the same money. Or you could buy two for the most popular cars which come to your shop and the good thing is one iCarsoft covers two manufacturers like the one for Mitsubishi also covers Mazda and the one I have for LR also covers Jaguar. But you can't pick and choose which two brands you get in one tool. So of you get two you get 4 car manufacturers plus regular obdii They are built quite rugged and water and oil resistant so you can use oily and greasy hands to use it and them give it a wipe down later and can stand a good few drops too.
  2. iCarsoft is not dealer level and it won't reprogram or flash your ecu's but it pretty extensive and about a 1000 times more detailed than regular obd stuff like Torque being vehicle specific and all. You could call it a prosumer tool.
  3. Well I didn't check what car years the iCarsoft supports. Would be wise to get on their website and check it out I got one for LR/Jag and it goes back till 1999 on the LR. Really nice piece of gear to have in your car. It interrogates and diagnoses about dozen and half ecu's and systems even on my old LR with live data on 100s of parameters. Plus free software updates as they arrive via pc
  4. Dude think a bit highly of yourself don't you and think everyone else is a moron Right! I understand you're trying to sell a cable. But that's the thing it's just a cable with no diagnostic or programing gear attached at the other end and there is Only so much you can oversell it. I've got like three OBD to USB cables lying at home not that expensive or unique. It's like selling a coat button and saying wow look at this amazing coat button you can get a Savlie Row Suit made and have this button sewn to it. Besides I was answering Gauravs query to recommend him a portable easy for layman to use Mitsu specific cheap diagnostic tool.
  5. desertdude


    I tried Instagram found it absolutely boring and useless so ditched it. Same with Twitter. Have account s on both but they haven't been used in years. Instagram I think is more of a mellenial thing.
  6. https://www.icarsoft.com/Product/s-338-iCarsoft_Multi_system_Scanner_i909.html Get the iCarsoft for the bushy much more detailed than a simple OBD reader. Or get a Bluetooth obd dongle from souq, download the software like Torque on your phone Not much you can do on obd other than read codes, clear codes and some monitor some parameters
  7. Always been a Camaro man myself. Not much interest in the mustangs
  8. This is also factually very incorrect. Talk about necroing a thread. Bam out of the blue !
  9. Oops! Yes you are absolutely right! And cleaning the battery terminal didn't occur to you during all your under hood inspection and trouble shooting, since you describe it as all gunked up.
  10. Yup not starting and engine not turning over are two different problems with a different set of remedies. P.S : Don't tap the alternator, give it a good couple of blows. If you motor is not turning over that is.
  11. If the engine is not turning over then it's either the battery or stuck starter. If you have a voltmeter check how many volts in the battery should be around 12.4v if below, weak, if below 12, dead. If battery checks outs, then it's the starter. Use the old mechanics trick of giving it a few good whacks with a hammer and it should turn the engine over. But replace or refurb ASAP
  12. Probably ex-royal hunting fleet patrol
  13. A little too early to be drinking grandpa's cough medicine
  14. Brake oil isn't a lubricant or penetrating oil and very hygroscopic too.
  15. Well I always wanted so see if they actually work. Being a long time offroader always carry a air comp in all my cars so never needed it. Seems like the yellow can fix a flat which is widely available here didn't turn out so good
  16. Hey bud could you look up one for a 7th gen Honda Civic 02-05 for a buddy of mine.
  17. LOL how was I supposed to know you were looking for this!
  18. You could have just used any penetrating oil like WD40 and you'd be halfway done by now and probably spent less for a can of WD40, this concoction is an old mechanics tricks to cook up a quick batch in a rush or to save a few pennies if you use it a lot by just using stuff lying around in the garage. Here is a side by side test of this mix along with WD40 and the mix came in behind WD40
  19. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sarchasm
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