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  1. desertdude

    Prince Philip wrecked his Range Rover

    ☹️😪 Poor Range
  2. I think its going to kick some serious ass in the desert, doesn't even need lockers as all 4 wheels have independent motors So you have "locked diffs" at all speeds and with that much power! And its priced pretty cheap if compared to similar regular luxury vehicles. $65,000, thats mid spec Land Cruiser money With a 600 plus km range pretty good for a fun day of bashing about in the desert, Other than the front end love the styling in and out. I've been following Rivian for a while now and have become somewhat of a fan Can't you see I've already converted ! lol I was just saying thank gof for EFI in the sense that we didn't have to deal with carbs all this time. Even worse offroad. Had an old ass 4x4 when stopped or driven slow at any angle other than level flat for any length of time would sputter and die. The gas would fall out of the bowl
  3. Oh please don't talk about stupid carbs. The other car I am using nowadays is a carb engined 1990 Toyota bloody hell have to wait 10 mins every morning for the stupid thing to warm up, doesn't even have a choke to have to sit there with foot on pedal. Blegh good riddance to bad rubbish! And god bless EFI
  4. desertdude

    New Supra - Final release pics

    Off topic, this dude is on a roll. Just bought the new Ford GT and McLaren Senna and now this! Ah so even the styling BMW ! No wonder
  5. desertdude

    New Supra - Final release pics

    Check out Shmee's YouTube channel he posted the indepth inside and outside tour of the A90. And yeah looks like a generic Toyota. They all look the same now. Twice this week I was trying to get into a white corolla thinking its my rental Yaris. This could be mistaken for any of the new lexus sports lineup. I really hate this trend where manufacturers are trying to make all their cars look the same. Damn Porsche for starting this trend ans damn the rest for following those idiots. And if you think its bad on the outside its worse under the hood and inside. It has a BMW straight six meaning shitty overheating unreliable engines which blow head gaskets if you look at them wrong. All interior switch gear from the old BMW parts bin, including that shitty BMW shifter you get from the 3 series to the 7. All BMW electronis Basically a BMW with a new Toyota body. Toyota seriously shot them selves in the foot collabing with BMW on such an iconic car. The whole appeal of the old Supra was its 2JZ relaible and its undestructible motor which you could tune upto 7-800hp with basically the same internals and even 1000 with slight inner mods. But now you have that stupid inline 6 from a 3 series. Toyota shot themselves in the foot ( did I mention that already? ) by making a BMW in Toyotas clothing. Proving Toyota has lost all creativity when it comes to making new cars. The last attempt was the 86, which was basically a rebadged Subaru. The new Rush SUV is a rebadged Daihatsu. The Land Cruiser and prado are overdue for the next gen but Toyota just added more chrome ans uglier lights and grill ans called it new. Should have just rebadged a BMW M3 as the new Supra and saved themselves the trouble
  6. desertdude

    Workshop pranks

    100% with you on this one. Pranks are immature and infantile
  7. desertdude

    Car Service

    Change it, it's expensive I know around 120dhs per liter. And you'll need around 4liters for all four. It's cheap insurance. Oil is cheap, diffs, xcases, engines, transmissions are not. It's old, heat, oxidization, metal filings have probably broken it down and contaminated it by now. And if you don't drive it often or long enough regularly you probably have moisture build up too. But don't do it just to keep the service history.
  8. desertdude

    Liberty Walk Jimny

    A buddy of mine is thinking of getting one, already called dibbs on a ride.
  9. desertdude

    Liberty Walk Jimny

    Hahahaha.....shit that doesn't even look real! If I didnt know better I would have said its photo shopped ! Imagine pulling up to one at a traffic light here in Dubai and the guys reaction!
  10. desertdude

    Car Service

    LoL that is a witty remark. 2 million year old salt having a 2 year expiry date!
  11. desertdude

    Car Service

    Bigger question is why are going to the dealer for service for an out of warranty car in the first place? Hit a jackpot recently we don't know about?
  12. Thats exactly what I've done because the steering column lock has failed and only way to fix it is to replace the entire steering column! It won't send a signal to the ECU that will let the ignition run, but if you disconnect power or remove and install the fuse it gives you one start until you pull out the key again. So I had a 1-10 dhs shop bought 12v working light with a long enough wire and on off switch lying around, so pulled out the fuse, plonked in a couple of spade connectors, spliced in an external fuse holder which I bought for 10 dhs many moons ago and was lying the cubby box doing nothing. Ran the wire till the shifter.and double side taped the on off switch on the trans tunnel. Its pretty small and inconspicuous. So every time I switch off the car I just do the on off and leave so next time I get in, it starts right away and the on off thing has become second nature now.
  13. Definitely a problem I have never faced or even knew existed.