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  1. Too much slop in the worm gears ?
  2. Nothing unusual, we did this all the time during trips called them sideys i.e coming down a dune sideways to impress the guests and work on our tips.lol Summer the sand is totally dry, very soft and mobile as in no moisture at all holding it toghter. If he came down with a little more power, speed and forward momentum he would have slid down safely the slipface.
  3. Done. And yeah and I don't like hammocks mostly because they can't take my weight and end with my arse on the floor.
  4. Cool, my Mrs is from Davao too. Maybe we should go into business together and then retire together aswell looool
  5. The last time I checked Pak nationals weren't on the list for it, or have policies changed?
  6. Yup not only they keep their cars in perfect condition but any mods they do are very subtle and tasteful. Which add to the character and look of the vehicle and moat cases look like factory fitted. Unlike satwa ricers who just tell the Irani car accessory shop guys to stick on everything they have in their shop onto their cars. Btw FJ40 looks delicious ans worth a fortune. That's just cash money in the bank nowadays. In real high demand in the US nowadays.
  7. Plan to visit one day and probably move there. Just a question do you apply for a visa everytime or you have that balikbayan thing?
  8. You're probably talking about the drill on board the Mars rover which cost 2.5 billion.
  9. Yes, defense and space is the only place millions can be spent with no questions asked, sorta anyways. I might be not be right but I think driverless cars and drones all initiated from defense research . Most of the advances in flight we have made started in defense.
  10. A lot of companies are doing this now. Do you know the Jeep Renegade is based on the Fiat 500 platform! And the older Jaguars based on Ford Mondeos. But this is more of a rebadge than platform sharing which of course now Toyota is king of now. The new supra, Rush, 86. Are nothing but a rebadged BMW, Daihatsu and Subaru respectively
  11. Seems like they have taken off the Good bits off a lot of SUVs and made one for them selves. The front is a little bit of a Cadillac Escalade the rear quarter is a little bit of Range Rover. The center console is a little BMW X5. The instrument cluster with the big wide flat screen is a little bit like the new mercs. Sorry the new King of Ugly grills are the new BMWs with their new HUGE and ugly kidney grills. So huge they bend over on to the hood. Making them look like a big pig snout.
  12. Lot of things comes from defense and space research mostly because they have huge budgets and dont need to show a profit like other companies.Even something as mundane and everyday thing like velcro was invented by NASA.
  13. Good stuff, from my understanding it is a bit of a runa round tp get papers from the court.
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