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  1. Yes I recently broke a spring on my Pajero after 20 years out of which 9 years was ONLY offroad. (300 dhs). In old Range I changed Air Suspension twice in two year. (4K/Year) (80K for 20 year). Now, you get me point when I mean reliability, long-life and cost effective. It's a profit center for car manufacturer. Period.
  2. None, so as in Porsche Cayenne (None). I agree for offroad adjustable height is good, but its reliability and cost should be inline with the benefits too.
  3. Trust me in this la-la-land seeing is not believing. I have seen tons of highly modified 4x4's by far that stay very far from desert let alone dunes itself. And even if I see one off strange 4x4 then I wouldn't buy it unless I see his gazillion brother and sister surviving the terrain and heat here. Secondly, if you have such pathfinder and wish to retire as a desert toy, then its altogether different theory that you can work around with what you have seen with 4 inch lift and bash plate. You put 4 inch lift and bash plate on corrolla, it can do wonders. Buying a new one as a dedicated desert toy is a terrible mistake, when you have so many capable options in the market.
  4. Sssshhhhh (rem), it's OK will manage with this weather
  5. You really need come out of those Armada testing days from decade ago bro. If you have driven offroad anytime soon then you know the model you are referring is named as plastic pig in the offroad community. We have got few times such pathfinder in the club and have never see them again after 1 or 2 drives. And V8 pathfinder must be as rare as hens teeth here tbh. If you find a V8 then most of its flaws can be overlooked or covered by little expense.
  6. Well EAS is the new norm for all modern luxury cars to keep recurring expense on the name of consumables to make regular money after selling the cars. I drove my older Range with EAS and then with regular springs and felt less than 10% difference on road comfort but 10000% cheaper, bomb proof, reliable and peace of mind than to listen for beep beep beep in the middle of the road. It was the most annoying nightmare of that Range, I had.
  7. Lol, of course I meant for what all to look in a perfect advert, especially dubizle style with pictures taken from potato.
  8. You mean car dealers show....? It's good for someone looking for buying new car and wish to see all car dealers inventory in one place than visiting there SZR showrooms one after the other. Been to this few years back and I was totally disappointed.
  9. 3.5 GCC, never been offroad, lady driven, always parked under shade, leaving country, urgent sale, negotiable. @Rahimdad and @G.huz can advise further.
  10. Stick to proper offroader built for the purpose than Prado, which in no doubt very powerful and capable offroader but too expensive to thrash every week due to creature comfort it offers. I highly agree with Rahim on Swb 3.8 pajero will be nice but just need little body modification and under body protection. Max 1-2k expense. If you are single or even double in near future I highly recommend to go for swb for more fun than thinking of hauling in 2 bedroom appt. FJC, Xterra, SWB Land Cruiser, SWB Pajero SWB Patrol, Wrangler makes all good sense.
  11. Any discontinued car usually serve spare parts from at least 10 to max 25 years. @Shamil and @Emmanuel can confirm what's Nissan SLA with Xterra if they have researched.
  12. Gaurav

    Best SUV

    With mall crawling creatures, list can be quite exhaustive. Research with this for next few days: Best resale + Reliability - Japanese Looks - German, UK Features - German, UK, US
  13. This best time and worst time theory works to an extent only. I have always bought and sold cars against the tide and still at my own price. Key is be patient.
  14. This one word is enough Mr. Tunnel. Read again. FYI. Intermediate level starts from Bidayer (Big Red) to Sweihan to Qua and ends at Liwa.
  15. I agree with you @desertdude on 100 series better for overland trips, BUT I strongly disagree to buy 100 series - FULL SIZE BOAT - GOOD FOR NOTHING IN DESERT DUNES HERE IN UAE OTHER THAN DESERT SAFARI'S TRAIN TRACKS. I learned offroading in 100 series in 2006 and realized its limitations in the first 3-4 months when I knew what I want it after seeing everyone climbing the big red (smallest of 3 peak in shj) and me sitting down as that boat in stock shape going "NOWHERE". @Jamy B. for such extensive overland trips, you should fly to those country and rent the well equipped 4x4 made for those specific terrain, because you can't enjoy overland vehicle here as they gonna cough up on tall dunes becauase of there size and weight. So buy something for here like FJC or Xterra that you can freely enjoy every week without any headache - at least in this region - UAE, Oman and Saudi.
  16. To make your search and buy more streamline, I highly advise to stick to offroad version and higher engine size of any 4x4 you pick and choose. Offroad version will have better underbody protection, firm suspension to take the abuse and differential lock for extreme offroad conditions and self recovery. Higher engine size will offer you better power/weight ratio which is always desirable for serious offroading. While buying a new ride you can easily choose these option to make a perfect choice rather than modifying later. I am big fan of stock but capable vehicle to keep the headache to the bare minimum as I have driven highly modified 4x4 with no comfort and tons of headache every year for passing. 2015 Xterra offroad 2016/17 FJ Cruiser Xtreme Also try to buy a 4x4 that has been driven more on road than offroad, as regularly pushed offroad 4x4 will offer you lesser usable life.
  17. In that case stay FAR FAR AWAY from Pajero, sorry to burst this bubble. New Pajero is reasonably good offroader for beach / newbie level offroad drives. For doing serious intermediate offroad drive you need to do lot of modification to be safe and powerful. Pajero approach and departure angles are not great, engine performance is borderline acceptable. Instead you can / should look into two different categories within your budget by slightly lowering year model: Option 1: Nissan Xterra / Toyota FJ Cruiser - (ready for any level of offroad) - My highest recommendation. Option 2: Nissan Patrol Y61 (old shape) / Toyota Land Cruiser - (If you like big and bulky 7 seater, lot of storage) Rem big and bulky will again struggle on extreme drives due to lesser power/weight ratio. That's why I feel Xterra / FJC will cover the whole spectrum of offroading very well. Btw, @Emmanuel, @Shamil are using Xterra for daily drive and plus weekend offroading without any issues.
  18. Is this only for road or daily driver + weekend offroading? What type of offroading you plan to do with this 4x4? Beach level / newbie drives Intermediate level and exploration drives Cross country expedition, like you mention earlier
  19. @Javier M is wondering, should I also lift my Jeep this much....?
  20. Beautiful day to drive and awesome capture with great editing skills. Well done buddy.
  21. @adildbx welcome for drive tomorrow, please share your offroad experience and which 4x4 you drive? Please make sure your 4x4 have front and back tow hook, very imp.
  22. Go to https://carnity.com/membersshop Click on Avail Now in Active Member to pay with your 100 Carnity Points. Once you upgrade, you can RSVP the calendar.
  23. I agree, guy was just busy pushing the gas pedal and looking 2 meter ahead only. My actual concern is who will winch these two guys now and how many calories workout is needed? It's a @Frederic and @Shamil style "joint-stuck" together.
  24. Thank Sri, I have to do few times to accept risk as Kaspersky was really scared, but in end, it work. @Barry its more of motorsport for race cars etc, and we tried these few times making an announcement here, but in end I and Rahim bhai went alone. Second time for Baja, I went alone, Third was Automechanika, no one showed up. So here I feel that majority of Carnity audience is just a paper tiger, either they come when they have car problem and then go away even without saying thanx OR same drive off-road from Friday to Friday "Only". Words like Enthusiasm, Passion, Learning, Exploring, just come and go like a soap bubble.
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