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  1. How do you guys do Salik recharge? I don't use Salik much and that's why I am always afraid of forgetting to top up via Emirates Bank online payment. Can we possibly link to a bank account or credit card for auto pay? Also if paid by credit card, do we get cash back too as a discount on Salik recharge?
  2. True that's the future now, creativity is limited to individual company shapes, lines, and arc only
  3. Initially, I thought what a diff topic, but after reading half way I understood the actual reason. Well long back I went to see one car and the seller brag that if you buy my car I'll share a secret place from where you can maintain car by 50% discounted rates and I was like yeah I know BMW road Sharjah spare parts...lolol. Here is BMW Sharjah location map: https://goo.gl/maps/VZ3DRLEPg762 Keep driving straight and you will see all car brands shop on both sides.
  4. Thanks, @Brette will give it a go with clay, but sandpaper is little out of the league for my level of DIY - scared to spoil the original paint instead.
  5. Here are 22 shops who sells Mitsubishi New Spare Parts in Business Listing, call or message them to get the pricing
  6. Well due to proper 4x4 they may be good for beach, Aweer and Khawaneej sand or fit for newbie level drive but not for fewbie level due to underpower and heavyweight. If you get 3.5 liters engine then it's acceptable as opposed to 3.0 with LWB.
  7. I will let everyone list their stuff first and hopefully say in end "all of the above" I'm literally fanatic keeping so many stuff in my offroad car, that emptying and the restacking whole car is a pain
  8. Very well said @Emmanuel We should not throw anything in the desert or in any offroad area, as it's a living habitat for thousands of species. Any piece of plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, coal will eventually kill these species when they eat it. Many offroaders and visitors are unaware of this fact and think that the desert is a landfill area, so humbly explain those uneducated people and help save thousands of lives.
  9. @Brette any DIY advise for this stubborn stain?
  10. When have you got the last service done? And how many km car has been driven?
  11. Nice topic, btw how do you intend to find out the exact mileage? Wikipedia or fuelly based on real usage?
  12. Toyota will win hands down in this section: Rav4, Prado, Land Cruiser all are having very good resale value
  13. Thanks for sharing your details as I never knew that Dubai National Insurance does offer an offroad coverage. Have you read the offroad coverage clause and does it restrict to certain meters or unlimited?
  14. I had some door scratches in my Range Rover and I cleaned them last week with compound scratch out polish. Almost all of them were gone except these few long white coloured marks. Any advice on how to get rid of these stubborn marks, as are 100% superficial and not inside the cracked paint.
  15. Found these 10 shops selling used spare parts for Ford in the Carnity Business Listing, call them and check https://carnity.com/search?&q=ford&type=cms_records5&nodes=86&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  16. Nothing is nonsense here at Carnity @Jayakrishnan. People like you, Emmanuel, Frederic who ask a lot of questions help many other users in clarifying their doubts without even asking. Insurance is more or less the same as the road coverage: the Third party will not cover your car and Comprehensive will most likely cover your car for any offroad damages. Yes, you do need a police report for any damage done in offroad so that insurance can open a claim. If it's a collision it's a straight case of red and green paper like on road. If it's accidental damage hitting the dune, trees etc. then police report will come with a fine amount of 400 dhs (I guess) as it's your fault and the insurance will take care of the damages within the stipulated excess amount you have as per your policy. Most insurance companies don't cover offroad damage, and others like RSA, AXA and Oman do cover offroad damage and one needs to read their offroad coverage clause carefully as some mention 5 meters away from the road and others have no distance limitation. If you behave well and follow all the rules and convoy discipline chances are you will never damage your car. Almost all the accidents I have seen are caused by drivers who either think they can venture by themselves or just like to try some more adventure by breaking the convoy. In my last 12 years of offroad, I have accidentally damaged my car twice - first was in 2006, when I was learning and broke the convoy to go little left and right and ended up on nose dive. The second was in 2017 when dune ended with a sharp drop and soft sand resulting in nose dive again because I was too fast in technical dunes (my mistake).
  17. Well if it's a fully synthetic then you are good for 10K kms, if its semi (5K) and mineral (3K) for normal road usage. If you are regularly driving offroad every week then change fully synthetic at 5-6K max for a better life of an engine. I'm using fully synthetic 0W40 from Mobil 1 and changing every 5K kms (2-3 months time), as my Pajero is only used for offroading.
  18. One of my cousins had a Durango and he put donkey miles on it and soon after the warranty is over, it becomes the money pit as most of the things are designed to fail just after the warranty period. My advice is to drive until you have a warranty and sell it just before it gets over an upgrade. No doubt the SUV is good value for money as per performance, luxury and features you can get.
  19. Hi Sunit, welcome aboard I'm using Mobil1 for 8 years in my Pajero for extreme offroad conditions and it never failed. I tried many brands and in end, I love the Mobil 1 quality and expertise. You can get Mobil 1 in Dubai from any Grand Service Center or there is Mobil 1 quick lube in Sharjah Industrial Area 8 near tire market. Sharjah is a tad cheaper than Dubai. I also would like to know how you have a feeling of fake geolanders, UAE seems quite strict in counterfeit products so will be interesting to know how to find a fake geolanders. If it's based on price judgment only, then it won't be fair as every retailer has a different markup and you can't say that 600/piece is original than 400/piece. I bought my last set in 2017 for 450/piece for 5 tires I paid 2250 with fitting and balancing.
  20. Congratulations @Emmanuel on successfully leading his first official drive so wonderfully that at no time, I felt it was his first lead and that too in Sweihan. The second most important thing I love about this drive was impeccable planning with plenty of exit strategies depending on time and situation and still keeping the whole convoy moving. Well done for doing a solo recce trip to scout the fencing and awesome dunes. Keep it up and I'm sure you will be a great asset to Carnity Offroad Club and other offroaders in the future. Congratulations @Javier M for joining the first intermediate drive and keeping the pace with the convoy at all times. I love your dedication to BBQ in the windiest and rainy conditions, to be honest, I was skeptical in the beginning, but later on, we found a way to hide under the mats, sunshades, and blankets. Truly a great night to remember, just because of the lovely company of like-minded enthusiast's from the drive - bbq - drinks - sleep in a car and waking up to yet another beautiful day.
  21. Welcome @Shafik and thanks for sharing your expertise, do feel free to participate in the discussion and help others or seek advise from existing car expertise at Carnity.
  22. Welcome @AMH to Carnity and thanks for shedding light on official rules for Engine Oil in UAE as per ESMA guidelines. I think we all should follow this minimum certification standard before buying any Engine Oil. I assume with your designation, you work with Mobil 1. Do you mind sharing the images highlighting what exact part we should be looking on the label to make sure it complies the ESMA regulations?
  23. Very well said, Rahimdad In short go with proven 4x4 what work here in UAE sand offroading than just on computer or phone screens.
  24. Good topic @Barry, what I personally feel is the use of new technology introduce a lot of electronics and computer management stuff in cars that started scaring petrolhead to mess with their car due to lack of knowledge and confidence. This started a trend to depend on the qualified mechanic or dealership, both are expensive and hence owners got more scared and moved away from the basic maintenance or quick fix that we use to do back in old days when cars were more simple to work than waiting for the binary command of 1's and 0'S.
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