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  1. I totally agree on every word dude, exactly same here. My son shouts if I just close his door to switch on ac first before buckling him. And also seen our resident ex offroaders who just jeep on saying, that they cant buckle his kids as they will cry for whole drive.
  2. I agree points system side effect is too bad. Anyways, thanks for the wishes.
  3. Now, that's what I call an intelligent system then authorities screaming their lungs out to save your own lives. Good job Chevy, keep it up. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/21/18632527/chevy-teen-driver-seatbelt-buckle-feature Please make sure that 2 dhs plastic buckle shouldn't ruin your intelligence.
  4. haha well said @treks that's why I have 8 out of 10 usable cars in my list. Very imp point
  5. I think Ripsaw is a tank buddy and not a car. Maybe I should check with you after Ramadan sirji, lololol It's just a game to see people wildest dream for cars......!
  6. If you win a million dollar jackpot, with a condition to spend all money on cars. Which one or a few cars you will buy/restore? 1,000,000 USD = 3,670,000 AED - It's a lot of money for lifetime supply of cars. Here's my bucket list of 1M USD Build 5 x Pajero Evolution (LHD) from the ground up with better than OEM specs 2 X LC 70 1 X Ferrari 812 Superfast 1 X Porsche 911 GT3 (Maybe) 1 X Ford Raptor (Maybe)
  7. Yes it is available from IMC and AAA paid service, I think they are in the range of 1500 - 2000 dhs and they aren't covered in your offroad insurance cover, as it reads - roadside assistance. Other than paid, there are few SOS Instagram group as well, and also 999 can help in terms of some serious life and death matter.
  8. That's indeed a safer move especially when left hand and right drive makes a big difference. I have been honked for 2 days in London when I was still getting custom to there side of driving.
  9. I usually skip through long videos, but this one didn't let me do it. Amazingly well explained the connection, differentiation and yet togetherness of Toyota and BMW for Supra and Z4
  10. As much as both videos try its best to make it very convincing to have, but my question to more technically capable members if these fumes and contaminants left in the system, won't they get collected in engine oil filter.....? If not, then why manufacturers are designing cars without a catch can?
  11. Guys, Please be on time, as we need to reach early to find a good spot at Iftar Bowl - VERY IMPORTANT
  12. Ramy, Tazweed, Moca
  13. Here comes Ferrari Purosangue SUV Super SUV league getting hotter now after Lamborghini Urus. Expected by 2022, it seems.
  14. Very nicely emphasised @MATHEW FELEX, really well done. I like to bit more emphasis on point no: 4 for people who aren't fasting, be MORE patient and considerate to others who are fasting, as they are rushing home or out for breaking the fast, but you can be late by few minutes to reach home. During this Ramadan, I had 2 instances where I have to drive just before Iftar, and after seeing some car reactions. I decided to drive on last lane for being considerate and for my own safety.
  15. Reversing in the dunes, I trust my own judgement than anything shown on the mirror, screen or sensors. Best is to roll down the window to have a good shoulder view on either side and keep reverse with partial eyes on rearview mirrors or screen. Secondly while reversing in dunes, I pay attention to the car level more, that means if im dipping on left I counter steer on right to stay on flat rather than dropping in some unseen sand pocket or dune. In the night drive in the desert, it's a whole different game. Don't reverse as far as possible, if you have to step out and see first and then decide how many exact meters of the reverse is needed.
  16. Carnity MEMBERS are real-life Avengers to save you from car troubles and concerns in this wild world.
  17. This is a new update now and let's be clear with your feedback if you don't want parts gamble Does car is overheating in stop and go day time traffic? Or overheating whenever hit certain speed or RPM? These both are different causes and we can advise you further on how to clearly diagnose what is wrong.
  18. I tried a few brands from ENOC - US and German make for a fun and then used dishwashing liquid too. Couldn't find a damn difference and now Im lazy to put anything, unless service guys put it.
  19. What was the actual problem? Claking on turning? This repair just refilled grease and replaced the boot or anything else? How much they charged? Have you tested full turn in 4x4 if it still claking or not?
  20. With this freewheeling fan, there is no way you can get gushing noise. Try again tomorrow, switching on AC and roll the window full down and start from home to traffic area, so you know what's normal noise of engine at idle. If its stay same in traffic and heat gauge rising, clutch fan is gone. There should be a loud significant change in fan noise as when you hit 2k rpm gas. If that noise doesn't come, its surely clutch fan need a change. Which year model? How many km? From how long own? Have you changed clutch fan before?
  21. 1) Loosing the car value (depreciation) 2) Unexpected repair or maintenance 3) Falling in hand of fake mechanic 4) Making an accident (yours or other mistake) 5) All of the above 6) Any other option, please explain
  22. From how long you own this to call it a reliable? And which year model comes in 30? Friend of mine cried for 2 summers and then sold at half the price after spending another half of car value in maintenance. AC issue, engine cooling, brittle plastic parts breaking and failing were major concerns.
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