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  1. I fully agree with Fred advise on fishing pole, if you don't like to drill hole. To strengthen it you can join suction clamp and flag with masking tape strongly, use little water for suction cup and try to use flat glass than curved one for better grip. If you really want a permanent fixture, you can buy AOR flag from many ENOC fuel station now and go to Ras Al Khor and many shops are available for making flag bracket. Go here https://goo.gl/maps/FTNF7NpYeiBQn9E1A and check and few other garage in the same line. I can't rem, but I think I got my LED light bracket made from Powerfull or next neighboring shop. It took them 2 hour to make it and costed me 200 dhs. For flag bracket I think it might cost 100 (maybe).
  2. Never use any compressor for 8 tires without a break. 10 min break after 4 tires is highly advisable to let internal parts cool off before they are pushed again, although putting them in AC is bit too much I think. I'm using bushranger for 7-8 years now and it has never failed working in outside temp.
  3. Bushranger box still carries 5 year warranty sticker, but ACE gives 2 year warranty only.
  4. These social influencer was a big thing in 2016 - 2018 when legit influencer made ton of money. Now it's a rat race started and every avid user of social media (billions) calling themselves social media influencer with millions of FAKE followers. When you dig in their insight majority of them are fake with 99% follower from unheard cities + 1% from your targeted cities.
  5. Not bad, for 50% clean slate for traffic fines including the black points will be waived off too. https://m.khaleejtimes.com/national-day-2019/uae-national-day-50-discount-on-traffic-fines-announced
  6. So true, and still SM ruling the planet.
  7. This is the typical "scaring" information you will get from the companies who do not offer such cover. No standard insurance covers racing, rally, motorsport, contest, kind of events as it requires a visit from an inspector to check your car modification quality and stage of modification to quote you accordingly. For stock or slightly modified cars with reasonable lift, filter and protection mods etc. standard insurance is more than enough. RSA, AXA and even Oman offroad cover "COVERS" all types of offroad accidents, flips and damages as far as they are accidents means unintentional with an exception of damage done while towing (not covered). So for extreme stuck situation (god forbid) RSA offer 2 free desert recoveries per year you can avail that. Call RSA and double check my information, as I have recently got this information due to an incident we had. For changing insurance on registration card, passing and renewal is required.....? Very weird. Have you called RTA to get this information or it was advised by existing insurance guys?
  8. I love the present one too as I have driven one and realize immediately how better Japanese performance stuff can get from the factory floor. Crisp performance, handling and styling.
  9. Beautiful video @Xaf, love the slo-mo sand splashback. Very creative. You can upload the video on YouTube and share the link here with best quality, that's what we all do here, because some format have limitation to play back in different browser here. I sometime cannot watch iPhone uploaded quick videos on my android.
  10. Offroad insurance is must have, as far as you can have it until 7-10 years of age of vehicle. If Noor can't add, cancel that policy and switch to RSA and AXA, proven best insurance with no-headache offroad cover. Check RTA process for change of insurance and update here too (in separate thread) to help others.
  11. Remove it and keep it safe or else if desert removes it for you then it wont be in reusable shape. Image is not very clear showing the right ground clearance, if its less than 1 feet, 100% remove it to get 1 feet of ground clearance (at least). If it's more than 1 feet, then you can take 50-50 chance, only if you are very careful on every dune decline.
  12. I dont have any wave card or app, just plain vanilla credit card. Hope they have some security in place to not to charge any card at multiple locations in case its lost or stolen. 200 is not too much to risk.
  13. My first debit card and credit card in 1998 had a pin too. Dont know about your dino era bro, it's a safety issue. Especially now in today world of scammers and thieves.
  14. Yes Shuweihat island still open, a friend visited last week. Still same story, part of its private area, part of it belongs to military, still you can access the open area and still people litter like garbage landfill and soon that will close this beautiful island.
  15. Have you ever noticed that ENOC fuel station doesn't require you to punch the security pin? I'm really clueless how, and concerned for safety to know more if someone is aware of any secret way to authorize credit card transaction without security pin or phone apps....?
  16. Yeah and it's called pre-order. It's still a big deal to score 200k in 3 days. Imagine 2 million preorder till production and even if 10% buys it makes 200k sale before the first truck rolls out of factory floor. Incredible.
  17. Don't worry, and don't waste time on those stuff as offroaders will always find there peace in the sand.
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