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  1. Thanks @desertdude for icarsoft recommendation. I am actually looking for something like this Bluetooth device that can hook up with smartphone software for code reading and clearing + live data feed of fluid and exhaust related temperature for offroad use. https://www.icarsoft.com/Product/s-294-icarsoft_bluetooth_multi_scan_tool_i620.html @Frederic can you check when you are free if this Bluetooth dongle will work on our Pajero's MUT protocol? @shadow79 existing one didn't worked on my Pajero but I love his torque dashboard for live readings.
  2. Excellent search and suggestion of this new area by @Emmanuel Thanks @Srikumar for Impeccable planning of 2 diff routes, waypoints, fence, exit strategy resulting in perfect drive even after few nasty recoveries we were able to play in those amazing dunes. Keep it up. Just the last bit was killing to inflate at 49 degrees under the sun and 44 under the shade (watch).
  3. Congratulations @Adel Muradov for reaching the fewbie level with Carnity Offroad club. Based on your last (first) newbie drive you have demonstrated skills required deserving this new offroad rank. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Fewbie: Number of drives 10 (16 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor (recommended) Drive teamwork Observe recovery from a safe distance and offer help when needed Drive posting/joining Join newbie and fewbie level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join an offroad club is highly recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
  4. Sorry for thread jacking, I need my model Mitsubishi cable or adapter that can talk to plugin OBD tools.
  5. Gaurav


    No one, I quit social media long ago. If you have enough time to waste, then go ahead for 1% useful stuff vs 99% mindless scroll.
  6. Very rare to see mechanic using torque wrench here. This is super rare.
  7. I def need one, save one for me please and ill arrange to pick it up. Thnx
  8. I think you are talking about 2001 Pathfinder, which is good 18 years old now. Ford F150 in above video is also 2001 model and Jeep in second video looks TJ (97-06). Still there is no harm in trying than opening an engine head for multiplying hassle, cost and labor.
  9. Time to buy this extractor @shadow79 In video it looks damn easy and doable with using appropriate "penetrating" oil than opening the head. Another example by using the drill bit to extract the broken spark plug, very intelligent.
  10. Every offroader who is regularly driving offroad and involved in recovery by pulling or tugging should inspect there tow points and tow hook regularly. At least once every month or after every extreme recovery to make sure they are safe to use. Thanks to @shadow79 and @Jalil bhai for spotting my front tow hook is cracked and even the chassis mounts are cracked. Thanks to @Barry for wonderful contact of Mathias in Car Pro garage - a seasoned welder to take up this job during Eid holidays and doing a wonderful work. Sadly Car Pro garage is closing or closed down, so if any of you need quick welding job from expert welder you can contact Mathias on ‎052 926 6714. And he is very reasonable in pricing. He charged me 200 Dhs for all 3 joints ARC welding.
  11. Need For Speed Heat - Coming Soon
  12. We know that too, and Sri plan to exit by 9 to keep an hour as a buffer till 10 AM for any extreme recoveries or problems. Depending on the situation and actual heat in sand we might play around till 10 AM.
  13. Totally agree with @Javier M as something very similar happened with my Mustang and I kept on charging with my other cars for over 2 hours and in end spotted the metal corrosion on battery was responsible for not starting the car. In my case there was a partial cranking after every a minute or two and I kept on charging the battery. This is the dielectric grease usage in several places to prevent corrosion.
  14. Just checked my Dubai Police Fines to see the 50% reduction for the second quarter. What a great relief......! 500 become 260 400 become 200 600 become 300 I know website fine amount icon has some border issue, but its readable at least.
  15. Hopefully not, as Sri has done tremendous research and bribe the heat god to only wake up after 9
  16. Nice choice Sri, we love Sweihan for grand dunes and most amazing offroad terrain in UAE.
  17. Car not starting has majorly three areas to doubt to complete the combustion cycle: Fuel, Spark and Oxygen. As you mentioned ignition switch is working fine, can you share some more details on when was car service last and when did you changed the spark plugs? For oxygen, try removing and cleaning your air filter by compressed air or gently tapping on the floor. Just to eliminate air filter doubt you can even start the car without the air filter and if it starts the car then that means you have isolated the problem. Change the air filter first and do not drive without air filter - it was just a test. Next you can find out MAF (mass airflow sensor) plug and remove that plug from air filter neck to try to start the car. Clean the MAF plug with soft brush - no spray needed and put it back how it was. For fuel, ask someone to come along with you and let them start the ignition switch half way and you stand next to engine bay with hood open to hear a long fuel pump prime (5-10 sec) and then tick of fuel relay. This means that fuel pump is sending fuel to the engine and fuel relay tick is completing the operation. If you don't hear any of these priming noise or tick means something wrong with fuel pump and that's why car not starting because there is no adequate fuel or fuel pressure. For spark, battery having green eye is not enough always if battery is just getting weak and lost its required cranking amp to start the car. Have you tried to jump start with another car battery, as that will eliminate the battery and power related doubt. Also Im not sure which pajero you drive, but if you have access to reach the spark plug HT leads, remove them gently, blow some air, clean with soft brush and put it back until you hear a proper click noise. May be some spark plug got some sand or got loose while driving and that's why car not starting all of sudden - rare, but possible.
  18. And also explain how do you plan to keep a straight line in desert by dodging dunes, rocks, slip face, pockets, fence, farms, trees etc. And secondly all grids you mentioned are of different geometrical shapes from rectangle, square, triangle, circle, trapezium, rhombus, etc. It's not a sea or air, to keep straight as the crow flies.
  19. It was a very different drive than the usual ones, in which we had a good mix of new faces and few come back after a long break. It was good to see @Asif Hussain with his friends after a very long time. Nice to have @Emmanuel after his month long vacation break. @AKR was the first to reach and I was totally surprised to see him after a very long break, as he managed to make 1:4 days trade off with his wife. Followed by new offroader with us @Adel Muradov totally impressed me with his adaptation and following all the newbie briefing points to superb level. And above all Adel handling of his beast Patrol was something very impressive irrespective of LWB, he manage to do very well overall. Also love the guest appearance from our superman @Rahimdad at the meeting point just to say hello to all of us as he is busy with his house shifting this week. We started a bit late after few delays and newbie briefing, and I kept the pace slow on flat and rolling dunes to test the convoy capability and slowly wake them up after a long break. Everyone responded very nice and thanks to @G.huz for a capable second lead to keep the convoy safe. As we start getting little warmed we start having few stuck and I remember @Srikumar comment of not keeping the drive boring without any stuck. Weather was very humid but every stuck gives us an opportunity to put the teamwork together and get the whole convoy back on its way asap. Everyone responded very well from simple to tricky recoveries and soon we were on our way to top of fossil rock. We lay our spread around 3:30 and wind stopped blowing with the most humid night we can imagine in this entire summer. Initially it was terrible to sit, but after few minutes wind changed her mind and blessed us with good intermittent breeze so that we can eat in peace, relax and share nice stories from France to Uzbekistan to Pakistan to India and UAE. As we had our fill, we packed and moved for the second leg to go down from behind and circle fossil rock to reach the Tawi Khatimah for saying hello to monster dunes at first break of sunlight. Here everyone become like a kid making an endless attempts after another and that's what bring the true offroading spirit of enjoying the challenging climb irrespective of the fact that you can just make 25% of the whole dune size. After our 3 tricky monster dunes, I decided to test the stairs knowing that convoy was very responsive and fully charged. To my surprise everyone safely reach almost to the top of Fossil rock from backside in two of the different stairs strategy I tried. The view from top was very serene and everyone who reached the top had a ear to ear smile of solid accomplishment and pride. After nice round of photos, videos and selfies, we decided to exit and all reached the ADNOC by 7:00 AM to beat the heat while going back. Looking forward to see you all soon, have a nice long weekend and enjoy your EID holidays.
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