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  1. Whatever you choose go with the one offering the maximum guarantee. No brainer. Why should you TRUST there words and empty promises when they cant Trust their own workmanship.
  2. Allow RHD cars in Dubai, so I can buy actual Pajero EVO. Allow different engine swap, so we can have more fun without guilt. Allow all modifications (of course quality ones) so we can mod cars to our heart desire. I'm sure next day, they will fire me after those three changes, lol.
  3. Gaurav

    Selecting tyres.....

    This is a good site for calculating tire sizes https://tiresize.com/calculator/
  4. Thanks Matti, is your steel bumper has a tow hooks in front and back? As looping the rope might tear the rope.
  5. Well actually Humvee are not even H2, it's name given for H1 only - real military grade with zero comfort
  6. I came across same stuff, as people who remove, clean and reuse same fabric with new foam charges less as oppose to who use new fabric with new foam. So get the same quote from all guys to compare and ask them to show sample cars or car pics of the job they have done. If done by amateur, it might spoil the interior and it might sag again soon.
  7. Go here: https://goo.gl/maps/9NbapZTbqmhttbXq8 And drive straight in service lane, there must 20-30 shops dealing only with tires and rims. Btw, my contact of Pajero scrap parts do keep the old shape spare parts and I am not 100% sure if he can help you with your request, but worth calling him and check. Shop name: Jabal Tokyo Guy name: Ahmed (super helpful, always) Mobile: 056 9675230
  8. This sagging roof liner is VERY common in German cars and second common in US cars, I rarely seen this in Japanese cars. I had same issue with my Cayenne and took it to Sara Auto Care for proper job (1600 dhs) for alcantra replacement. You are lucky that its fabric and it will be lot be cheaper. I tried few DIY stunts of cutting open and spraying 3M glue, than using liquid paste fabric adhesive but none of them actually worked because the foam used inside has gone so bad that with touch of adhesive it simply crumble and fall inside the liner. If I put too much glue, big spots were visible from underneath and after 1 day it will sag again. It was a terrible idea for DIY and I wasted lot of time and money for experiment. Root problem is the foam used inside is not strong enough to hold GCC heat and that's why it decomposes after few summers. It was very very common in Porsche, VW, Merc, BMW as sara auto guys showed me several images of the similar job they have done.
  9. Well done Obaid, please make sure you remove those plastic cover before the drive as sometimes they are easy to remove and sometimes they need few tools and patience. Appreciate if you can come to meeting point little early by 6:30, so that I can spend sometime in checking your car before the drive without delaying the whole convoy. You can call me once you reach the meeting point: 050 5258706
  10. Well done, you can set it up to 462887 frequency with below step by step article. Anyone has a radio (walkie talkie) please set it up too, if not we will provide the spare radio for tomorrow's drive. You are most welcome Joe, what a nice coincidence that we also have another newbie with H3 for tomo drive. So now we will see who is a better driver as H3 will be the common denominator, lol.
  11. @Shareef Al Romaithi, @Kavindu Avanka, @alifaruqi, @Vic, @Tbone Welcome to Carnity offroad club. Please RSVP the drive calendar if you guys are joining for tomorrow's Qudra drive.
  12. If you keep Sahara center on your right, go straight and the whole tire, rim and accessories market will start on right hand side. I think I have posted a link with map here before, search or else I'll do tomo from desktop.
  13. Yeah I forgot, races aren't meant to play safe and survive, as all racers have 9 lives. Press enter to reset.
  14. Usually all rally and race drivers follow the tracks very precisely as they are well aware that many photographer and their own team support guys are standing at each post. This seems he approached way too fast to have such a huge jump, he would have still taken off if he would have crossed from left or right in place of photographers IMO. What I feel that when he realized in a split second that airborne is inevitable he steer left to have sideways roll (higher chances of survival and keeping vehicle intact) than nose dive which could be fatal.
  15. I love the younger Pajero's part, lol.
  16. Toyota Corolla with Supercharged LS Engine.
  17. 1. Do you have any previous offroading experience? 2. Ensure that your front and rear recovery points are in good condition
  18. @Xaf you are most welcome to join us a passenger. We have plenty of cars that you can use for different angles. @Obaid.Sultan.1987 you are right on Low gear option, just make sure it engages well and move the car little bit, few meters in parking without any blinking light. Just dont dont drive on low gear on tarmac. Welcome @Incognitoes to carnity offroad club.
  19. @Obaid.Sultan.1987 Low gear is different than the manual mode. Share the pics of driver side right hand side all knobs and buttons on center console. For tow hook, check the owners manual and I guess you need to remove small plastic piece to reveal the back hook, if it has hitch hole then you need a hitch receiver too.
  20. I agree with desertdude, but some companies are good too like Toyota and Nissan to offer fox offroad suspensions, skid plates, built in compressors, wider tires, fenders like FJC Xtreme, LC Xtreme, Patrol Falcon edition etc. Of course such mod shoot up the price by double the cost of actual mod price, but if it's done based on research and good workmanship at dealer approved facility, it make sense to prefer such used vehicle (not abused).
  21. Sure worth digging in more with Habtoor and see what's underneath specs and protection it has (if any). Also ask your friend or habtoor what was the selling price when new, so that you can get fair depreciation value to decide than just emotional or sentimental figure. SWB + 3.8 is always rare and pricey, but my major turn off is the black color (unless you really love it). Black is difficult to keep it clean, minor scratches shout out loud, stay hot in summer and have worst resale value in UAE.
  22. Just like Fred, I also have never heard of this edition before other quick look on google of same Mitsubishi branded Adventure edition doing a road and farm run with roof rack and snorkel. What are the specs: 3.5/3.8? Any power mods/upgrades, diff lock, under body protection etc.? I can see metal bumper and off-road tires only from your picture. If you can share more info on price, kms, service history we can advise if its a good buy / not.
  23. Well if H3 loaded with 5 people did ok for desert safari, then with 1 person it should rock.
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