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  1. In your hit and run case you need to go to the nearest police station where this incident happen with your car and share the full story with as much as proof you or your wife has. If they get convinced then you will get red paper for 400 dhs fine and then rent a car procedure starts with whatever agreement you have with them. If they dont get convince they will ask you to come back after few days until they can check the authenticity of your story with some camera in the vicinity etc.
  2. Surprise to see very limited response from our regular offroaders: Pull angle was more than 45 degree of tolerance. Ideally it should be always straight or anything close to the straight with max deviation up to 45 degrees, that too with lot of caution, patience, observation and feedback from different angles. They could have used driver side tow hook of FJC and Pajero to counter the angles to some extent. They could have use the viking rope for elastic soft tug than one big jerk. No radio communication or coordination with guy supervising the tug or filming. No use of 3 beep system, FJC could have used long beep to stop the Pajero (if trained). Both car windows should be rolled down for catching at least those last second scream. FJC tires were not pointing in the direction of tug, causing instant resistance to flip. Over enthusiast Pajero driver, who probably have not enough experience in technical recoveries kept on pulling. Clear the sand wall from driver side tire front side. Clearly it was bogged down to topple like this instantly. People don't use enough shovel as they think pulling will sort everything out. Prep before the pull to clear sand from all resistance is very important and in such critical angles its life saving. Ideally winch is better (if available) in such tricky situation to get slow motion feedback and stop in time. Give such critical tug in several tranches to access the situation first with a feedback from anyone supervising. Once car is moving with slightly gentle tugs without lifting any side, then proceed with little stronger tugs. Recover from backside with half or quarter the rope if front is totally hit in sand.
  3. I will, but I need our aspiring fewbies and Intermediate offroaders should think and try first. You have done a good start with a wrong angle.
  4. Find at least 5-10 things that went wrong here. There plenty here in this flip.
  5. We should actually blame the YouTube for giving the free content in first place, because once users are accustomed to free usage, they will not understand the paid language. Just two weeks back, I was discussing with my wife over Netflix subscription and just to kill the topic I said what you will do if YouTube comes tomorrow with subscription too.....? Never knew my hypothesis can become true so fast.
  6. Thank you all for the warm wishes, but actual congratulations goes to each and every Carnity family member here for believing in Carnity's vision and help to spread the word around. Carnity is a Car Community and not a product built by one or few. A community always require group acceptance to succeed and flourish by helping each other and holding hands together. Looking forward to inviting more like-minded car enthusiasts to continue building the largest car knowledge base in the Middle East.
  7. Have you bleed the cooling system previously?
  8. Welcome to the future of curated and premium content. I thought google must be making billions with ad money, now it will be squabillion then.
  9. If previously bleeding is not done by removing thermostat then saleem might be right, as engine jacket hold lot of coolant and the new and old coolant must have got mixed. If you have bleed it before, then double check if its brownish or whitish? Has any sticky feel? Pungent smell?
  10. Thanks @Mujtaba for quick rent a car rates with super discounts. 2018 Honda jazz - 95 AED 2018 Nissan micra - 75 AED 2019 Yaris - 85 AED 2015 Optima - 100 AED 2016 Rio - 70 AED
  11. If coolant has turned greenish brownish inside the expansion bottle, then its fine. Clean the coolant bottle and refill. I am facing same in my ancient Pajero. If coolant inside the radiator turned brownish, then it's a concern. Please confirm.
  12. Rent a car is needed for a week, so any car which is cheapest is the best option.
  13. Need quick help to get a cheap or cheapest rent a car for a week for my friend. Any heads up guys......?
  14. Wow must be good DIY project for free time or after I retire, i'll join you Fred in your bucketlist - free help.
  15. Hi @DEVEL32 welcome aboard. I fully agree with Frederic comment on how used car business has saturated in today's UAE used car market. However, if you have a different and creative plan then surely you can make good money. By saying creative I mean to be unique and not focus on mass commuter cars for various reason: Market fully saturated Difficult to acquire at good price and then even more difficult to sell at profit as those cars have almost fix value with a play of 1-2K max depending on kms and overall condition. The best way to pursue this side business of buying and selling cars is to focus on rare/niche but in demand cars that have niche audience. Many times such car owner when they are leaving country they cannot find a right buyer "immediately" so they end up selling at half the value at sellanycar, buymycar kind of website. So those people are your prime audience to acquire, if you can somehow reach those sellers and up the deal with couple of thousand more you will make good business by selling those cars. Example: Guy want to sell Mustang at 80K (fair value) and got a quote of 60k cash from those bargain hunters then you can click the deal at 65 and flip the car at 75 in a months time. This will leave you with less pressurized and run around job as niche car buyers are less fussy and cranky tbh. Here's the best I can answer your questions: Best selling used cars Mid-Premium segment: Golf, Touareg, Mercedes ML, Posrche Cayenne, Mustang, Camaro, Lexus ES, Audi A5, BMW 5 Series, Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, etc., I think you will get it by these many example, if you are a car guy. Best selling car brands Any, where you can get good value to jump in. Stay away from most common cars. Fastest way to sell a car privately Office bulletins, supermarket notice board (fantastic area), friends and family. Best way to buy used cars Target sellmycar, buymycar audience through facebook or google ads - run creative campaign I even heard a person following those guys and offering them better deal - don't know if its acceptable. Best way to sell a damaged car Too messy unless you are very technically sound, I say avoid. Best online sites to sell used cars None, tbh as all big giant classifieds is filled with bargain hunter dealers (99%) and real buyer (1%). I get more leads for selling my car through my personal groups than featured paid classifieds. Best place to sell your car for cash To real user and not dealers. I have given this advice to two different people in 2018 and now they both are doing this full time side business. Initially they started with one car within 50K budget, now they are rolling 3-4 cars every month. And me being a car guy who love to try new cars every 1-2 years, I do take my time to look for such bargain so that I can save half or quarter the depreciation when i sell it. So this idea really works in any car market and in any used car uptrend or downtrend.
  16. Wow, beautiful concept for 2 with pretty decent ground clearance.
  17. Totally agree with @Jeh those straight lines, better clearance and rugged look is more than required whether it is capable offroad or not. Rav4 is capable offroad in right hands, but you don't see people flaunting Rav4 as oppose to G wagon. G Wagon is capable but hardly less than 1% of G owner will ever venture in desert / offroad. @Frederic we all know this industry standard, regulation and bla bla but I still see Wrangler preserving their legendary looks than adding the curves of Grand Cherokee. If LR really wanted it, they could have done that without distorting the legend image, real brand equity for LR. This in other words is "confusingly similar" to discovery, evoque, kia sorento and 1000 other common 4x4's.
  18. All the cars that I had, they were having almost amazing AC. I feel AC quality is more to do with GCC specs than being Japanese, German or American. And secondly of course car age and AC system condition overall. If you swap all AC components to brand new OEM components in your Pajero, you will see a big difference. Here is the chart in your language 1996 Nissan Sunny - 3/5 2001 Honda Accord - 4/5 2003 Lexus GS430 - 4/5 - (EU Specs) 2003 Land Cruiser - 5/5 2006 Nissan Patrol SWB - 5/5 2001 Range Rover - 3.5/5 2002 Land Rover Discovery - 3/5 1999 Pajero 3.0 SWB - 3/5 2005 Mercedes ML500 - 5/5 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo - 5/5 1999 Pajero 3.5 SWB - 3.5/5 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0 - 5/5 2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer - 4/5 2012 Range Rover Supercharged - 5/5
  19. How can you compare Defender with Jimny vs G vs Wrangler. Time will tell who we see regularly in the desert and/or on workshop. So far true offroader to stand by its name is Wrangler only in the compared league. From commercials itself look it lacks the UAE style offroad. We need more videos of tearing dunes, ridge riding, straight climbs and sideys for UAE market.
  20. Yeah it seems like AD dunes on side of Liwa, Hameem or yellow truck side. Dubai half road has flat sand.
  21. Can you answer these please: Which year model How many kms driven From how long you have this car? When and where it was last serviced? Which engine oil do you use?
  22. To be honest, me as an all time 4x4 driver of three different kinds - from poor man - expensive - rare I never push people based on their car size, but the stupidity they do on road. I equally flash or occasional honk on severely dangerous drivers no matter whether they are in Patrol or swerving tiida 6 lanes in 5 seconds to catch an exit. I do exactly what Desertdude said, drive almost at speed limit - not too low, not too high and on 2nd or 3rd lane, if free. I rarely use overtake lane with all Schumacher doing there best lap and you will see flashing in fast lane every few seconds. So if you are in fast lane buddy, I don't blame them. If you are in 2nd or 3 lane, simply leave the gas and let car slow down slowly and boiling them even more is a best technique I learn than the road rage of braking. Road rage will always result in him coming in front and doing the same and you never know what type of psycho driver you bump and how much free time he has to waste. Every time I used to brake hard before, I use to spend so much time in hide and seek, racing and boiling my blood for no reason. Another good way to kill the road rage is when they pass by you raise the hand saying Thank you with a dumb smile to confuse the retard and he will realize this on next red light better than flipping the bird and cause all the heat.
  23. 1.5 Billion happy and 1 unhappy passenger
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