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  1. Carswitch was a total waste of my time, money, hassle, email and storage space. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTING. I have seen another thread here and lot of people discuss and debate about car switch is a real or scam in that thread, so I thought of testing this new car selling service myself while selling my Range Rover to write a detail review on carswitch to help other car owners. Read my full review with 10 reasons before thinking of using carswitch.com by yourself so your expectations are set to reality than what they advertise and promote themselves as No 1. car selling site in Dubai. First they charge 100 Dhs (earlier 300 Dhs) to come and take pictures and list your car in carswitch.com. Then carswitch charge below commission if they can sell your car at value you expect: Sound interesting (only this point). And I'm sure because of this kicker plenty of car owners must be falling in the trap, I will explain it soon. Carswitch Commission Structure 2,100 AED for less than 50,000 car value 2,625 AED for 50,000 - 89,000 car value 3,150 AED for 90,000 and above car value Condition: If you overprice the car to add commission then you also need to change price in other classified sites. So I decided to list my car with carswitch on 20, Aug 2019 2012 Range Rover Vogue Supercharged Autobiography Kit from dealer GCC Spec, Full options Full Service History from Al Tayer Odometer: 70,750 kms Expecting 89,000 AED, while dealers are advertising similar car with low kms for 110K and no private seller was selling similar car with low kms at the time of advertising. Carswitch was very effective in pre-sales follow up and called me 3 times to remind and agree on time, to list the car. Finally carswitch listed my car on 20 Aug 2019 for 89,000 Dhs, but with a with a wrong title. Sent a mail to correct the title but no one replied till 8 days. (yeah, lost 8 days). Copy to various other email as well and title got changed, but now with another mistake. After couple of more emails, finally correct title has been displayed with little restriction. WRONG TITLE CORRECT TITLE AFTER 8 DAYS Here are my reasons for calling Carswitch.com totally disappointing for car sellers. First, If they are a car experts then how can they mess up between names, that has price difference of 100K when new? Range Rover Sport Range Rover HSE Range Rover Vogue Range Rover Vogue Supercharged Range Rover Autobiography Second, after listing the car and accepting the money, they didn't answer the email for 8 days, very bad customer service. Third, as soon they list the car with agreed amount of 89,000 I started getting the recommended price sms, email and backend notification to reduce price to 74,000 as that's the right market price - I am not sure either they were quoting me for wrong Range Rover or they love to brainwash so I reduce fast and they make a sale to get there commission. Asking seller to reduce 15,000 (17%) from asking price within 1 day of listing is quite a hit for any car seller, who invested time and money so they can competently fetch the right buyers at fair market price. Totally Disappointing. Fourth, on the day I listed my car with carswitch the back-end was showing instant cash offer of 65,000 dhs. After two weeks I reduced to 85,000 to be in line with other used car sites then backend started showing me 56,000 dhs. So that means there instant cash offer is automatically sync with whatever you ask they will slash 24-29K of your listing price without using any common sense or logic of car depreciation. So basically sellanycar, sellcargetcash cloned site but in disguise. Totally Disappointing. Fifth: All google and network advert they were running was using a wrong title (vogue instead of vogue supercharged) and/or displaying my car with wrong league of competition. Wasting their own money with lack of intelligence or car details. Why would anyone click on 85K car if 67K is there but sport instead of vogue supercharged. Totally different animal and year. Good idea of fetching customers through google ads, but applied ineffectively. Sixth: If they are charging 2600 commission to run google ads then we can also do this by our self and get buyers and only show one car to increase the chances than 3 in a carousel. Probably we will get good buyer in 1000 dhs ad-spend if you know how to target Facebook and google advertising with YouTube tutorial in less than an hour and keep on tweaking ad daily. Again its advertise with wrong title in many places. Being a Vogue, it's overpriced. Being a Vogue Supercharged, very well priced. Seventh: Few places ads were running without a title even and when anyone click on the page it goes nowhere. Clicking on above Vuukle advert by Carswitch lead to site can't be reached. https://cat.fr.eu.criteo.com/delivery/ckn.php?cppv=3&cpp=Hb00-FNR-lyMj7QkOlhUWeKm-bSOEXqmAsR349XGq3r5WNdKp6qPMf96mxNmF49hFY_s5gkPMyJc5p5fCfLL3bvnaBj8NpxTV_b8otnwrZ1syUy0K3hNlP77qyb5hI4vzDusBBygYaTmwawLm7JGvkeP6UV0fFVqvb8Pi9nDJMHhXTqdqkQGVOa_c6RW5qtmtuUhZec7O-GLzGJJIoR5bLqZszmaYnLnlqXsefwwqH0Nf4BbnnUMscBsd-CQABiw8pysoxO_NMyUvuHg-YDGduhdRylY-1BKq7qEaNsk-IfvXo6LyPWQcjYr5WABGJHtzmeaJR7-JeXvQjuiBQcG2SKYUYT4tcyTPjCsoP6MreX4Uh1dauI4y3OshBz6SjmhjQEa3g&maxdest=https%3A%2F%2Fcarswitch.com%2Fdubai%2Fused-car%2FRange-Rover%2FVogue%2F2012%2F145739-149420%3Futm_source%3Dcriteo%26utm_medium%3Dretargeting%26utm_campaign%3Dlowerfunnel Eighth: After all this ad-spend and showing in there site they fetch 273 views in 1 month, zero calls and zero viewing. I placed same advert in Carnity that has fetch 579 views and 5 calls and 2 viewing from original buyer. I also placed an ad with dubizzle, dubicar, yzer, yallamotors etc. Ninth: There website has no relevant sub category as vogue, let alone supercharged so your ad will always show with low cost not rightly competing cars when search with top level car name. So if you have a special type of car or spec, you will loose out even more. Tenth: There website interface doesn't allow owner to edit much of details and you are at mercy of back-end operator who doesn't answer emails and cause delay in selling your car. That's how it took me 8 days to change to correct title: Range Rover Vogue Supercharged. Hope it help you save some money and time in false expectation of fetching you the best value - false advertising, when from day 1 till day 25 they were pestering me to reduce price several times and brainwashing me by showing low price cars. If you don't know the real value of your car, spec, age and km, you might fall in this trap and sell it for low. Finally I sold my "Range Rover Vogue Supercharged for 83,000 AED on 18 Sep 2019. I had two close offers, one was 82K with a bank loan from Carnity advert and 83K cash buyer from dubizzle.
  2. Congrats @Sri on your first official "Newbie Drive" which is a big feather for any Marshal cap to plan and lead absolute newbie drive, which is actually very difficult for many offroaders. You have nicely planned the route and chosen the perfect level at right time from beginning till the end, so that all newbies can learn and enjoy safely. You have lead an amazing newbie drive and tbh, I didn't corrected any route and after some time I become lazy and started thinking that I'm following Rahimdad lead. Well done buddy, we are very proud and fortunate to have you as a Marhsal who can think it through and see things differently from various perspective than just hitting the pedal to find his own way alone.
  3. I agree, if you can get the engine compression test then it's a best way to check. If you need compression tester, I can give you mine, if you have access to this car in UAE, you can do it yourself in 30 min - 1hr, depending on how deep Nissan have hidden the spark plug. I can come along too as I have done compression test before and with two its better and faster.
  4. Chinese and Korean - Moderate noise, cheaper price - I used Kumho in my wife car briefly. Japanese tire - Bridgestone, Dunlop, Yokohama - less noise, moderate price. Michelin, Pirelli - No noise, most expensive and Michelin has longest usable life. So if you plan to keep car for 80k kms use Michelin - the best quality rubber for tires, money can buy. If you plan for 40K - Japanese are good option, except dunlop as they get noisy after half life (20k). Don't know the korean life, someone can add further on that. BMW road tire shops, not all of them sell original. So sticking to some known and old tire shop is a safe bet - Gulf coast, Ardh al emarat, formula tires, century tires.
  5. Fuel line that goes from your tank to the brain carrying green tea
  6. Totally agree, I am also big fan of @shadow79 and @Jalil bhai desert services, recovery and jugad. Old school is always king but in such minute precision and decimal based alignment 3D aligner are far easy, faster and less headache than making 20 trips to explain left and right, then left too much, then right after 3 seconds, and still not sure if it gonna eat tire shoulders or not after a month of driving.
  7. All newbie, fewbie and experts please make sure your car has front and back tow-hooks in properly mounted and ready to use condition, because w/o the tow hook all the knowledge, experience, recovery gears are useless to get you out from simplest of a stuck. Welcome Waseem to Carnity and its offroad club, finally you made it. Congrats bro on your new desert toy, looking fwd to see it in action.
  8. CNG fitment makes no difference on engine life, its same as petrol or diesel if that's the exact answer you are looking for. Now firstly congrats on one step closer to your next offroad toy. If its imported and not yet registered in UAE I will check the carfax paid version history first to make sure it's not flooded, accidental or stolen vehicle. I meant for major accident, minor ding dang is acceptable. If that passes on flying color then visual inspection of engine being a high mileage is first, then transmission, 4x4, diff, suspension etc. If all goes well then shake it 50 times in negotiation as imported vehicle will never fetch any resale here in UAE and you should buy it with an expectation to drive until it dies mindset. Waiting for you on Faya, now.
  9. Although mixing is not advisable for all the various reasons mentioned above, but if you are topping up then stick to same quality and spec you should be OK. By quality mean, if you got ENOC most expensive oil, then pick same for Adnoc and not the cheapest one. Reason is most oil companies uses the best chemical additives in their flagship product and they should be at par with industry standard as far as oil spec goes. I use to have this trouble with my Cayenne Turbo as being a turbo car it needed 1 liter every 1500 km and I use to top up with ENOC fully synthetic "green" oil for 48 dhs/liter. Never had any issue with unusual engine noise or temperature. If this ENOC and ADNOC oil fusion works for you, do update here as it seems very interesting question to me.
  10. Because life before and after making babies is not too different.
  11. I love reading YouTube comments after watching the video to see the real feedback and sentiments. Here are few sentiments on new Land rover Defender
  12. If the car is GCC and has a full service history, then owner need to put a strong foot down and ask Nissan to diagnose and fix it, as they simply can't say "I Don't Know". Ask them to give this "I Don't Know" in writing first. Then explore consumer rights option first, and if needed write a nice email to Nissan Japan for seeking help. With your present story, you will very easily get ripped off outside and waste ton of money and time for as simple as cam position sensor replacement.
  13. Btw Diamond, tagging in keyword tag shows and used in site search only. If you need to tag someone to send them notification to call for help do this @Barry @shadow79
  14. Congrats on your new ride. Have you gone to original Nissan Dealer or Nishaan Dealer in Dragon Mart, lololol. How come they cannot solve the problem? Is car is GCC spec or exported? How many km driven? How often this cut-off happen? At what speed? After how long driving? Any other aftermarket electronics installed like theft control, remote starter etc.
  15. Go to Sand Dance Tyres in Hessa Street, they have 3D Beissbarth aligner. Usually they charge 250, give "Glenn Power" reference and Speak to Ali (shop in charge), they will do it for 100. https://maps.app.goo.gl/D3GSJNwTfNUm1xej6
  16. @Jeh on second thought I recall that, that guy you took chevy freak out when you ask for a guarantee and said if alignment cant be fixed then bushes has to be blamed. As usual car has 10,000 parts so its always other 9999 parts are faulty in your car. And also I rem it was a groupon offer, so already a tight business working on survival with price race to the bottom. @desertdude I am not hung up on Hunter machine, but anything equivalent of good lazer alignment to correct minor issues.
  17. Well if the guy doesn't have the machine, then that's the most common excuse. Find a shop who have Hunter or any other good lazer alignment system and let them advise you this to buy this 100%
  18. Just to eliminate the most common cause first, jack up the vehicle front end and shake front tires sideways and up and down to see if there is a play. If they have a play its wheel bearing noise, get it changed. If no play spotted then rotate the tires with one hand and hold the suspension spring with another, if you feel vibration in springs it means wheel bearing is on its way out. Second doubt is drive line, start with U-joint as a first guess. Inspect the u-joint, shake them nicely to see if any play, if they have grease nipples, then put some grease first and test again. Gear is probably the last bet, but knowing Honda notorious gear reputation, can't rule out that. Will let more techy boys shine their wisdom now.
  19. What type of rumbling noise it is, plastic, rubber or metal that can help in debugging. If you can record the noise on an empty road will be the best.
  20. Seriously, then why you drive modern engineering cars and why not bullock cart with rope and ox in front. This hunter system is one of the most advance system to catch 1/10 of a decimal difference. I know this as I suffered in my Patrol due to BF goodrich and wasted tons of money and time on rope specialist and in end got this lazer alignment and went home with a big smile. In those days it was quite special as only one shop in Deira had this machine who was installing tires for cooper tire from renaissance trading, but these days this hunter machines has become industry standard and I have seen them in lot of good places.
  21. 150-200 dhs, depending on your bargaining skill as it might starts from 400 and go down slowly.
  22. Very very old used car for at least first year till he/she understand that every accident or ding is caused by him/her is because of there own actions than just pure bad luck. I mean get their stage of denial cross few times, let them bake in sun (road side) for few times to make them seasoned driver who understand how road traffic actually works than the rule book theory. Once they learn to discount AH and hold there temperament even when they are right for 5 seconds than wasting 5 days and getting baked, they will be ready for any car. Why old, as it will cheaper to have few more dings on beaten up sunny, yaris, corolla without losing an arm/leg. Also slower the car lesser the impact speed - so they don't hit someone at 140 or 160. I had 4 accidents in first year and then 2 in next 5 years and after that no accident since 12+ year now. Same for my wife, cousins and few friends. It's a known phenomena for all new drivers.
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