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  1. Btw Diamond, tagging in keyword tag shows and used in site search only. If you need to tag someone to send them notification to call for help do this @Barry @shadow79
  2. Congrats on your new ride. Have you gone to original Nissan Dealer or Nishaan Dealer in Dragon Mart, lololol. How come they cannot solve the problem? Is car is GCC spec or exported? How many km driven? How often this cut-off happen? At what speed? After how long driving? Any other aftermarket electronics installed like theft control, remote starter etc.
  3. Go to Sand Dance Tyres in Hessa Street, they have 3D Beissbarth aligner. Usually they charge 250, give "Glenn Power" reference and Speak to Ali (shop in charge), they will do it for 100. https://maps.app.goo.gl/D3GSJNwTfNUm1xej6
  4. @Jeh on second thought I recall that, that guy you took chevy freak out when you ask for a guarantee and said if alignment cant be fixed then bushes has to be blamed. As usual car has 10,000 parts so its always other 9999 parts are faulty in your car. And also I rem it was a groupon offer, so already a tight business working on survival with price race to the bottom. @desertdude I am not hung up on Hunter machine, but anything equivalent of good lazer alignment to correct minor issues.
  5. WhatsApp Video 2019-09-17 at 4.06.36 PM.mp4
  6. Well if the guy doesn't have the machine, then that's the most common excuse. Find a shop who have Hunter or any other good lazer alignment system and let them advise you this to buy this 100%
  7. Just to eliminate the most common cause first, jack up the vehicle front end and shake front tires sideways and up and down to see if there is a play. If they have a play its wheel bearing noise, get it changed. If no play spotted then rotate the tires with one hand and hold the suspension spring with another, if you feel vibration in springs it means wheel bearing is on its way out. Second doubt is drive line, start with U-joint as a first guess. Inspect the u-joint, shake them nicely to see if any play, if they have grease nipples, then put some grease first and test again. Gear is probably the last bet, but knowing Honda notorious gear reputation, can't rule out that. Will let more techy boys shine their wisdom now.
  8. What type of rumbling noise it is, plastic, rubber or metal that can help in debugging. If you can record the noise on an empty road will be the best.
  9. Seriously, then why you drive modern engineering cars and why not bullock cart with rope and ox in front. This hunter system is one of the most advance system to catch 1/10 of a decimal difference. I know this as I suffered in my Patrol due to BF goodrich and wasted tons of money and time on rope specialist and in end got this lazer alignment and went home with a big smile. In those days it was quite special as only one shop in Deira had this machine who was installing tires for cooper tire from renaissance trading, but these days this hunter machines has become industry standard and I have seen them in lot of good places.
  10. 150-200 dhs, depending on your bargaining skill as it might starts from 400 and go down slowly.
  11. Very very old used car for at least first year till he/she understand that every accident or ding is caused by him/her is because of there own actions than just pure bad luck. I mean get their stage of denial cross few times, let them bake in sun (road side) for few times to make them seasoned driver who understand how road traffic actually works than the rule book theory. Once they learn to discount AH and hold there temperament even when they are right for 5 seconds than wasting 5 days and getting baked, they will be ready for any car. Why old, as it will cheaper to have few more dings on beaten up sunny, yaris, corolla without losing an arm/leg. Also slower the car lesser the impact speed - so they don't hit someone at 140 or 160. I had 4 accidents in first year and then 2 in next 5 years and after that no accident since 12+ year now. Same for my wife, cousins and few friends. It's a known phenomena for all new drivers.
  12. That's gross, first Rahimdad and now you seems like a pattern developing to make quick bucks.
  13. Go for Lazer wheel alignment where they can accurately spot and adjust the toe-in and camber, looks like either of them they are out. Then rotate the tires and use the rear ones in front. Find a shop near you who has Hunter Wheel alignment as they are very accurate machine and they are very common in Dubai in good alignment shops.
  14. This Lego Defender might sell more than actual defender.
  15. This wont work, as it need both parties ID, Drivers license and car registration card photos.
  16. Totally agree, but sadly 90% offroad suspension are non-adjustable unless you dash good amount of money. And in those 10% expensive adjustable ones plenty are just gimmick and only few makes a difference. Aragosta I had, they have had had 18 settings on each shock, but at softest setting on road too my back use to cry. In my Pajero I have stock suspension stiffness controller with electronic button and it does make a big difference.
  17. I don't know @shadow79 who is teaching you these basics or you are coming up with these crazy stories....! @DiamondDallas harder the shocks better they are for off-road but very uncomfortable for road use. So offroad shocks is a combination of little more harder than OEM one but not too rally style so that it will kill your back on tarmac. I had Aragosta rally bred suspension in my Patrol, I could literally jump dunes and do all sort of stunts but on tarmac for over 1 hour drive, my back use to start aching. Best shocks for off-road will be hard and with long travel suspension so that bumps and rebounds are not going to take big tolll on chasis and your back.
  18. Yes in most hit and run cases, they need to check the authenticity by verifying that you have not damage anyone else car or public property in that area. And this background check takes few days, they also cross check with other police report of hit and run cases to verify its a legit story, and you are the victim and not the perpetrator.
  19. In your hit and run case you need to go to the nearest police station where this incident happen with your car and share the full story with as much as proof you or your wife has. If they get convinced then you will get red paper for 400 dhs fine and then rent a car procedure starts with whatever agreement you have with them. If they dont get convince they will ask you to come back after few days until they can check the authenticity of your story with some camera in the vicinity etc.
  20. Surprise to see very limited response from our regular offroaders: Pull angle was more than 45 degree of tolerance. Ideally it should be always straight or anything close to the straight with max deviation up to 45 degrees, that too with lot of caution, patience, observation and feedback from different angles. They could have used driver side tow hook of FJC and Pajero to counter the angles to some extent. They could have use the viking rope for elastic soft tug than one big jerk. No radio communication or coordination with guy supervising the tug or filming. No use of 3 beep system, FJC could have used long beep to stop the Pajero (if trained). Both car windows should be rolled down for catching at least those last second scream. FJC tires were not pointing in the direction of tug, causing instant resistance to flip. Over enthusiast Pajero driver, who probably have not enough experience in technical recoveries kept on pulling. Clear the sand wall from driver side tire front side. Clearly it was bogged down to topple like this instantly. People don't use enough shovel as they think pulling will sort everything out. Prep before the pull to clear sand from all resistance is very important and in such critical angles its life saving. Ideally winch is better (if available) in such tricky situation to get slow motion feedback and stop in time. Give such critical tug in several tranches to access the situation first with a feedback from anyone supervising. Once car is moving with slightly gentle tugs without lifting any side, then proceed with little stronger tugs. Recover from backside with half or quarter the rope if front is totally hit in sand.
  21. I will, but I need our aspiring fewbies and Intermediate offroaders should think and try first. You have done a good start with a wrong angle.
  22. Find at least 5-10 things that went wrong here. There plenty here in this flip.
  23. We should actually blame the YouTube for giving the free content in first place, because once users are accustomed to free usage, they will not understand the paid language. Just two weeks back, I was discussing with my wife over Netflix subscription and just to kill the topic I said what you will do if YouTube comes tomorrow with subscription too.....? Never knew my hypothesis can become true so fast.
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