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Advice Comments posted by Gaurav

  1. 1 hour ago, Jun Zamora said:

    Thanks @Frederic for another very helpful information.  Now i came to know why my tire got flat last friday.   The core has worn out since i”ve been removing it during every deflation. 😐

    No it has nothing to do with age, I have been doing it since forever. While screwing the core back, you must have left it little loose or sand must have stuck in between for slowly losing the tire pressure.

    This happens with everyone once in a while, and that's why we constantly keep checking tires visually while offroading.

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  2. On 3/9/2019 at 4:07 PM, kumara said:

    It may have happened due to heat. I usually keep at home when a battery is new. When I first feel engine start little dragging when switch on, then I start carrying the power bank in the vehicle. So, it is still saved.

    Sad about what happened to your power bank.

    Then it's a shame to design such a product that cannot withstand heat, as the main purpose of this device is to start your car when the main battery fails. Totally pointless to spend 400 dhs for this rather than old fashioned jumper cable for 50 dhs as Rahimdad mentioned.

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  3. Bottle hydraulic jack is not best for sand, as they can trip (unbalance) very easily with slightest of sand displacement within 1 feet radius. Also, bottle jack will break the board faster as an entire load is focussed in one area. 

    You can use bottle jack in case of emergency but with the utmost caution, if you are planning to buy for your regular offroad gear then stay away.

    Best is Hydraulic Scissor Floor Jack for sand with a strong wooden board, that can take and spread the load on the wide area to offer better stability and long life of your wooden board. Better if you can find the same with a movable neck to access the tricky lifting spots for various 4x4.

    Related image

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  4. Thanks for this great advice, I also got one Anker PowerCore Jump Starter 600 after reading your advise and also got a chance to put it to test few days back when car left on with TV, DVD and headlight at pitstop.

    Only thing I like to add here for other car enthusiast's that while recharging the battery, one must remove the jumper cable as soon car starts, or else cable will melt the charger cable and slowly it will stop working. This is the advice given to me from one of the shop who was selling other non branded product (not Anker). I researched on this point and it's quiet validated as unlike conventional jumper cable plug to other car who actually charges the drained battery faster, but in this case it will push the battery pack to charge rather than car battery and also push more AMP through the cable and increase their chance of failure after few jump starts.

    So once car starts, remove the jump starter cable IMMEDIATELY.



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