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  1. Recently I explored few automatic and manual car wash in Dubai and Sharjah while putting kms after my engine rebuild and found massive price difference with very little impact on quality. I have been going to ENOC full wash (Quality: 9 out of 10) or Grand Service Center (Quality: 10 out of 10) manual car wash in Dubai. ENOC manual car wash cost 105 AED and GSS full car wash cost 126 AED. As we all get full manual car wash often, so it was a good exercise for me to put some kms to a good use.

    In my recent experiment, I have personally check the facility, size, rush, workmanship and location of more than 10 different car wash in Dubai and Sharjah.

    I found that Havoline Car Steam Wash in Sharjah is one of the cheapest place for getting the Manual Car Wash for 37 AED with minimal rush, as they have 8 bay and with reasonably good workmanship (8 out of 10). Of course they aren't as flashy or shiny like Grand Service Center, but for quarter the price I was quiet happy and satisfied.

    They also clean the under body very well with Diesel as it has loads of engine oil leaking wet and dry stains, so tipping the right guy is worth getting extra attention - Thanks @Srikumar.


    Please share your favorite manual car wash place with their pricing and quality details.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-06 at 7.16.11 PM.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-28 at 4.45.47 PM.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-06 at 7.16.11 PM (1).jpeg


    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-06 at 7.17.24 PM.jpeg


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  2. Welcome @Nayan Shenai to Carnity and it's off-road club.

    The basic minimum requirement for Carnity offroad drive is to have a 4x4 vehicle:

    • With minimum of 10-12 inches of ground clearance and 
    • Front and back tow hook in good usable condition.

    Apart from that everything else can wait for your next drive. Once you join the first drive, you will be given detailed brief on how to drive off-road with all the tips and techniques. Towards the end we will also show the importance and how to use the offroad and safety gears.

    After your first drive, it is advisable to buy two-way radio, shovel and flag if you like to continue off-roading.

    It is usually advisable to drive alone for absolute first timer so that you can focus on learning skills and techniques without any distraction, but it's completely your choice at the end.

  3. It's one of the best place to get freshly baked ideas without any boundaries. And most of them dies as soon as you walk out.

    • I actually wanted to buy huge Petrol tanker once: To use after 20 years, but later realize how ineffective its additive chemicals will be after 20 years of sitting in one place.
    • If you replace Will Smith in "I am legend" plot what will you be doing most of the time when you discover that you are the last men left in your city/country?
      • I started with cars & money, then to drinks & foods but after a minute I realize that I will be done with all these stuff in first 3 days...... then what.....?
      • I will pursue my long lost hobbies - photography, building something special like car or house, shooting aero/gun whatever is available.
      • Build some giant communication device to reach others or help others.
    • If like Airbnb idea renting your car is legal and possible in UAE, will you rent your car to a complete stranger?
      • Me: No.


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  4. Go as far or as top as you are comfortable of doing a U turn and come back. Record the track so you can come back safely to tarmac. If any of the vehicle hear the bottom scraping noise, mark that as a limit and find a sweet spot near that area.

    Rocks and mountains usually mark there strength with rough and narrow path to climb up, if vehicles are stock (not lifted) then you got to take mountain offroad with a pinch of salt.

    Advice all drivers to hold steering with both hands and thumb position outside the steering wheel. Deflate to 25 PSI to have better traction on loose boulders as 35 PSI will spin tires faster. Carry warm clothing as on mountain it does get 5-10 degrees more cooler than city.

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  5. You can do off-roading here through out the year. When summer kicks in June - Sep/Oct we switch to night drives and they are equally fun, exciting and relaxing to break from hectic schedule.

    Same goes for camping too, that nights are quite cooler in desert that you can easily plan bbq and camping session.

    Do share your wadi sena experience and feedback, whenever you make it.

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  6. Al Qudra Desert is a very good and versatile learning ground for absolute newbies for their first time desert driving thrilling experience. If you have already driven in sand before then you can learn more from experts having decades of offroading experience in the UAE. This area offers a good mix of playable long set of dunes and broad ridge to test your off-road control. Drive will start with detail briefing, followed by 2-3 hours of driving in sand dunes and then break for refreshment over a feedback and assessment session for each offroader.

    All first timer absolute newbie drivers will receive a detailed briefing before the drive starts to learn the basics of desert driving, techniques and etiquette. They will also receive the safety advise, recovery procedures, best practice and debunking the myth of desert driving. Newbie briefing will end with an individual advice on your 4x4 vehicle gearing, tire pressure, traction control and SRS options to enjoy your first desert drive thoroughly and safely.


    When: 31 January 2020, Friday

    Meeting time: 6:45 AM, the convoy will move at sharp 7:00 AM

    Where: Solar Park, Dubai

    GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/YH1SWQYNFiMjyaPW7

    Level: All levels (Absolute Newbie and Newbie).

    Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance.

    Plan: Drive, train and enjoy till about 11:30 AM

    What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

    Approximate finish time:  12:00 PM - (much before Friday prayer)

    Friday Prayer Mosque: The Endurance Masjid - https://goo.gl/maps/SXmkx2jntnK85DzB7


    Please RSVP on the below calendar.


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  7. 48 minutes ago, desertdude said:

    What are timed spare parts! Lol 

    I need to copyright this term too. lol.

    "Timed Spare Parts" - They are timed to fail "EXACTLY" after the fixed period of time or engineer will loose the job to design them if they last any longer than their warranty period.

    Prime example:

    • AC Delco and Solite Batteries - 1 year and 1 month.
    • Solargard tinting - 1-2 years
    • Dunlop grandtrek - 30-40k km
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  8. I guess its something to do with size of population on any given road.

    In 1970-80 with few thousand cars in UAE, no one was honking here in Dubai and not much red lights were there. I'm in Dubai since 2000 and remember reaching Internet city in 10-15 minutes from Bur Dubai.

    Now with 5 million cars everyone at least honk here almost daily.

    Now imagine with 300+ million cars in India.

    @Frederic how is China? Do they also honk a lot?

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Sidshk said:

    Between 2014-2016 

    Daily i drive from SHJ to RAK - so it will be daily driver 

    Budget is not set 

    Set the budget first, so that you end up with a fair comparison and not like many buyer start from 50k and then end up buying 90k car.

    Tiguan is compact SUV vs Touareg, so space wise Touareg wins.

    If daily kms fuel usage is not of big concern for you, I would suggest Touareg any day, being proven through the test of time unlike Tiguan or any other recent release.

    Also, Touareg is a VW flagship model, so chances of cheap material or timed spare parts will be far less.

    Last but not least, whichever option you buy, make sure its well serviced and if its with full dealer service history then its worth more in its value, so you can buy at premium (worth it). German cars are good for first 5 years in GCC, then next 5 years are totally dependent on how well they were taken care previously (not forgiving like Japanese and US marque).

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  10. 7 hours ago, Gawie Herholdt said:

    My Landy is a 2014 LR4 SCV6

    I would say show it to two LR specialist and get the diagnosis done, so you know what it is. Get the pricing with parts and without parts to compare how they both stack up and also share here so we can advice further. If it's something simple you can still opt for non specialist, if it's too technical and require programming after parts change, better stick to specialist.

    LR4 is not too complicated like RR but being 2014 I'm little concerned having too many sensors and gizmos.

    @Halit Mert Issever please advice how complicated your LR4 is and which garage you are working with?

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