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  1. 18 minutes ago, Emmanuel said:

    I came to the conclusion that it might be dangerous because unconsciously you try to follow the rhythm and the mood of the music while driving, when actually you should follow the rythm of the dunes.

    Very well said and I totally agree that your choice of music will reflect on your drive style.

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  2. @Xaf can you actually share what really interfere with aircraft navigation system, that airlines since Nokia days advise us to switch it off?

    Is it GSM signals? Data? Or mobile GPS?

    Is it only while take off and landing?

    What happen if some passenger dont switch off, any of your screen flicker inside the cockpit? Or it's a BS?

    Why cant aircraft install signal jammers that block all interefering signal other than aircraft own range if it's so critical than relying on 300+ passengers honesty?

    Sorry for too many questions, but I always wanted to know the truth from a real pilot.

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  3. Before going this route, download Dubai Police App and check these two services and see if you can directly report such idiots through the app:

    • Police Eye (under Save People Life category)
    • We Are All Police (under Traffic Services category)

    Second option you can remember the plate number, car and location and report to Dubai Police over the non-emergency phone number for reckless driving. They really call back the driver and give verbal warning. I received this call once, when local girl behind me flashing me and I was unable to change lane, as soon as I reached office I got a call and explained my side to the cops.

    If you really want solid proof from Dash cam, I think you are allowed to record and use for police evidence only, still double check and get the same in writing for your protection.

    Btw, don't buy the dash cam, take it from me as I have one - almost never used.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, desertdude said:

    Unless there are new changes to the rules that I'm not aware of. 

    Yes my information was from 2018 by personally visiting the RTA HQ for checking all the possibilities.

    Every engine swap need RTA permission paper now, If its same size and no change of mount you can get paper from RTA officers in tasjeel barsha (I think).

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  5. Im not sure about technical challenges. I guess if both engine mounts are same, then its a doable job. If not, RTA will seldom approve the change or welding of engine mounts.

    In either case, YES you need RTA approval for any engine swap and if its in same number of cylinder range (4 to 4, 6 to 6) then chances are you will get the paper. If its upgrade (4 to 6) NO WAYS.

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  6. 12 hours ago, desertdude said:

    I disagree, all of above culminated from one single source. Inflated tyres. And the rest followed trying to address the situation without deflating.

    So when are we seeing you recovering LC200 from a soft sand by full throttle wheel spin with deflated tires?

    Bets are open now: 500 Dhs.

    Like I said, this maybe on purpose for excited camera guy cheering up or beach crowd or he is new to offroad scene and just bought this souped up truck.

    I'm living in Warqa from last 9 years and until 2 years back just before warqa entrance there used to be huge traffic pile up, so people used to take sandy patch to jump the traffic on right side. Almost every week I used to recover people there with 35 PSI inflated tires by the same technique I explained above. 4 out of 5 times I used to save my formals and shoes, but 1 time I used to fail and accept the defeat and deflate.

    Deflate or no deflate (depending on luck or situation), this full throttle wheel spin is not the way to recover. Period.

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  7. Well done everyone for their fair share of input. Good job.

    @Brette pointed the main reason for all this struggle, very nicely.

    Here are the things that went wrong with this recovery in the right priority order:

    1. NEVER NEVER NEVER do recovery with full throttle - This alone point was the main reason for this guy entire struggle or (maybe) he is doing it on purpose to gain attention with sand fountain from the beach crowd. Deflation or no deflation (depending on sand softness) if anyone recover with full throttle from stand still motion, they will dig deeper than going front or back. He has been forgiven partly due to powerful 4x4, offroad tires and good ground clearance.
    2. Make a flat track first before recovering on soft sand, so that you can compress sand 10-15 meters ahead of you to get both cars in momentum and then give little more gas to continue the drag without failing on momentum or without any wheel spin.
      • He could have moved his car gently (without wheel spin) front and backwards 5-7 times in a straight line, to compress all the soft sand to great extent.
      • Engage both cars in LO gear.
      • Clear the sand from front of the tire of stuck vehicle and slap the path with shovel to compress sand.
      • Then attach a tow rope for recovery and stretch the rope to max without pulling.
      • Ask stuck car to give 1500 rpm first and then he gives 2000 rpm slowly without wheel spin.
      • Once both car move 10-15 meter, give close to 3000 rpm gas to get out without leaving the gas.
      • If any car still bog down, move quarter of steering left and right aggressively to displace the sand on the go.
    3. Instead of pulling so long on soft patch, he could have come closer to the camera where many cars are crossing.
    4. If still impossible to pull due to very soft sand, after the first fail attempt, accept the defeat and deflate both cars.
    5. I think in end he deflated so close to the beach because he must have seen A/T light or car was overheating.
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  8. Or maybe check with other Xterra guys there could be Nissan interface bridging between OBD.

    My model Pajero has MUT interface and many cheaper OBD scan tool can plug but only able to scan basic info and can't read the fault or scan thoroughly unless MUT adapter plugged in with MUT supporting interface.

    Big scan tool box that comes for 8-10K (Autel, Xlaunch etc.) comes with box full of adapter for this reason only. And those tool usually scan everything in my model Pajero within few minutes. So whenever I see phone app or small peony OBD scanner I know it's not going to work.

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  9. 1 minute ago, desertdude said:

    There is a reason why they are called tie downs, as in secure a vehicle while being transported and that's what they are made for and rated for. 

    Not for off road recoveries 

    Again this is a dated information from few dino centuries ago.

    Show me one "STOCK" 4x4 who is rating there hook today? None.

    Read that AU thread and you will understand the saga of tie-down vs rated.

    If MMC engineer tested Pajero stock tie-down for 3 ton KG, then both hook can last for 6 ton easily to airlift that 2.5 ton pajero of its feet.

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  10. 39 minutes ago, desertdude said:

    I've probably witnessed a 110 incident free recoveries from a tow ball. Just because nothing happened doesn't mean it's right 

    You can search for videos where towballs have gone flying like cannon balls

    We all have witnessed aftermarket tow hooks, ball, hitch failing gazillions of time as factors involved behind such bad jobs are endless, but never or almost never a factory tie-down point failed, if used within limits.

    • Not rated hook, ball or hitch
    • Weak joints
    • Wrong placement
    • Wrong size/strength of bolts used
    • Wrong number of bolts used

    Just this year, Xterra tie-down point failed, but everything was still safe as it was secured with additional strap due to heavy impact expected. And moreover after lot of research on that incident we realized that speed of the pull was a major cause than the weight rating.

    Early this year, I have winched same Xterra while hanging nose down on top of mountain and same factory tie-down point didn't failed.

    Apart from that incident, we have no other tie-down or tow points failing incident so far.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, desertdude said:

    Also being used for recovery doesn't mean they are meant to handle such loads.

    Just because something hasn't gone wrong till now means it won't in the future.

    With all the banging on about safety here on Carnity all the time, how is this practice acceptable?

    Read Again @Frederic comment

    14 minutes ago, Frederic said:

    I have same car and while these can be used for towing and tie-down, they are also being used for recovery, BUT in that case it would be advisable to distribute the load between the left and right towhook by using a bridle. 

    It mainly depends on the severity of stuck. Luckily the factory tow points from a Pajero are quite decent and strong, but during more extreme recoveries we use safety straps to avoid the tow hook flying off in the air.

    Watch the video from MMC Engineers testing the so called tie-down points.


    Just FYI and everyone knowledge most cars these days have tie-down points and no pintle hook or tow hook comes standard. This means for moderate sand stuck, you can use them safely but for deep stuck, use both hooks with bridle what @Frederic mentioned.

    Using single hook in deep stuck will tear down the chassis point, like it happen with Xterra.

    So far we have tons of Pajero and none of their tow points failed yet.

    Same has been shared in Australian forum too


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  12. Well done @Frederic for taking so much time to share this great off-road knowledge.

    Very well explained and documented with perfect diagrams and videos.

    Only thing I like to add for all new offroaders, learn and follow above instructions to the max but never fight the gravity.

    If you had a bad feeling for any side sloping, criss crossing attempt, exit safely and make another attempt rather than fighting the gravity. Small deviation of track can also cause lot of difficulty and push the car to the soft patch, in that case simply accept the defeat and exit down without fighting with mother nature. Even experienced offroader do have refusal and repeat without any hesitation, that's the real fun and challenge of offroading.

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  13. I fully agree with Fred advise on fishing pole, if you don't like to drill hole. To strengthen it you can join suction clamp and flag with masking tape strongly, use little water for suction cup and try to use flat glass than curved one for better grip.

    If you really want a permanent fixture, you can buy AOR flag from many ENOC fuel station now and go to Ras Al Khor and many shops are available for making flag bracket.

    Go here https://goo.gl/maps/FTNF7NpYeiBQn9E1A and check and few other garage in the same line. I can't rem, but I think I got my LED light bracket made from Powerfull or next neighboring shop. It took them 2 hour to make it and costed me 200 dhs. For flag bracket I think it might cost 100 (maybe).

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  14. Never use any compressor for 8 tires without a break. 10 min break after 4 tires is highly advisable to let internal parts cool off before they are pushed again, although putting them in AC is bit too much I think. I'm using bushranger for 7-8 years now and it has never failed working in outside temp.

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