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  1. Just a quick update: I have discovered oil in the cooling system so took it to the garage. They cant determine the problem other than an oil cooler fault, or Head Gasket/engine block problem which requires a process of elimination to be able to determine the problem. Consequently I had the cooler changed as the less expensive 'problem', but it has returned after a few days/500Kms or so - suggesting problem might be with head gasket (although no overheating). Hopefully not as it costs about AED 20K to fix. Its currently at the Garage who think the oil is old - That's a good sign as it might just mean that it wasn't properly flushed through after the oil cooler was installed. Whilst discussing this with various Porsche specialists is seems that this is a regular problem, and something to look out for when buying a 2nd hand Cayenne; I am told it has been known for a seller to replace the Oil Cooler and then sell the car just afterward as usually the problem does not make itself known for a few days/weeks. If there is oil in the cooling system, after a while you can observe the coolant looking like a 'chocolate milkshake'. I would suggest when buying if this problem has occurred and asking the seller directly if the Oil Cooler has been changed - and if you are having the vehicle inspected to ask them to check if there is evidence of a replaced Oil Cooler.
  2. Built December 09, registered Feb 2010 - Od shape, which I prefer. I paid less than 100K with 83,000km's on the clock, and very clean with a full service history from Al Naboodah. As an older shape I suppose it will depreciate faster....
  3. Thanks for all the comments - To give you an update I bought a 2009/2010 model GTS with lowish mileage for a reasonable price with an Al Naboodah FSH. I had a full check on it with the only thing discovered being a small crack in one of the belts. Since I bought it, the back of the driver seat fell off - I took it to Harry at Car Seat in Al Quoz and he knew what the problem was even before I told him - apparently very common. Otherwise all good apart from a little bit of hesitation at low to mid revs - however, if you are heavy on you right foot then this seems to go....
  4. I am looking at buying a 2009 (or 2008 perhaps) Cayenne S/GTS or possibly a Turbo: I am wondering if forum members can advise what to look out for? I am told the drive shaft can get noisy and local agents will only replace the complete part rather than just the bushings, for example? Problems with Air suspension? Gearbox? What to look for/inspect when checking a prospective car? Are the Turbo's troublesome and to be avoided? I am not that interested in 'huge' performance, so Turbo is not important to me, unless its the car of choice. Any advise from the collective forum knowledge greatly appreciated.
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