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  1. What type of wrenches are generally used for car repair?
  2. Is wheel Bearing noise is big issue in a car? My Ford Edge is having this issue. If its something serious, then will go to the workshopnow, otherwise i will wait for some days. Please help me Friends!
  3. suppose it will cost you around 500-800 AED. Actually kinda depends from where you are getting it replaced. If it is covered in yoru warranty, get it done from your dealer only. if not, then replacing it by your dealer will cost you huge, better get it replaced from a local auto workshop outside.
  4. Sometimes when the oil supply is not proper and constant in the car, it leads to roughness.
  5. Please share how to diagnose the trouble code in a car? I am sure, many drivers must eb curious to know that!
  6. How can i know if there is lack of compression in my car?
  7. Flooding in the engine happens during combustion. When there is rich air-fuel mixture in the engine which is not specified for that engine, and the engine does not respond: it means engine is flooded.
  8. May be the serpentine belt is loose. Loose steering is not a good sign. You can take it to a local workshop, but make sure its trust worthy. Otherwise some local workshops, they change your original parts to local one. If your car is still under warranty, it’s better for you to go the dealer.
  9. M4 Coupe is one for me. They color options, the style, the speed and the looks. Everything goes with my attitude. From a seat belt to the transmission, everything is designed to keep the standards and class of BMW. I mean, how you cannot love that car!
  10. Not really an expert, but have replaced the stereo before. You just need to take care of the delicate wires.
  11. Thank you Alex. That was really helpful. can you also tell me how to fix problem?
  12. Hey guys Please share the common causes of coolant thermostat troubles. Also, what trouble codes do we receive in such a case and how to diagnose the same?
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