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  1. It was a awesome drive. Exciting from start to finish. It was also lovely to experience Qudra on a Monday afternoon, as it felt like our private playground. the above drive summary captures the feel of the drive perfectly. To many more. Thanks once again.
  2. @Srikumar Apologies, will not be able to join the drive. Was looking forward to driving with you, but have injured my knee and need to rest it. Enjoy and see you soon.
  3. @Foxtrot Oscar Hi, I think you have missed my name in the convoy list. Please advice. Will be there at 130. Thanks.
  4. Super drive today. Was a different feel with a smaller convey. Chaitanya thank you for customising and pushing us to the right level.
  5. thank you very much. I am quite excited to join the intermediate drives. Chaitanya, looking forward to Monday. This was a bonus when I saw my WhatsApp messages. Srikumar, I am really enjoying driving the wrangler, and am glad I took everybody's advice to consider a change, even though I love my Y62. Rahimdad, thank you and you are very kind. I enjoyed your stories and experiences and look forward to catching up soon. Thank you Gaurav, Frederic, Abu Muhammad, Foxtrot Oscar, Sertac, Brette and the whole carnity team for all the guidance to learn and drive with confidence.
  6. How common is it that the engine in a moving car stalls? I think this is the second video that I have seen where the rollover maybe caused by the engine losing power, whilst the car is in motion.
  7. Chaitanya, sorry I had a tyre puncture. Tried filling air, but seems valve is damaged. Was fine till last evening and today morning again the air had leaked. Sorry for the same. Tariq.
  8. Enjoy Liwa and looking forward to all the pictures and stories and awaiting everybody’s return.
  9. Thank you Chaitanya. Lovely review and reading the same captured great memories of the drive. See you soon.
  10. @Brette Apologies for the late message. We have had a problem at home and I will not be able to join the drive Tom am. Am sorry for this. Tariq.
  11. I will release my place on this drive, as I have another drive. Many thanks, and enjoy, Tariq.
  12. thank you all for a lovely drive. I learnt and enjoyed a lot, in addition to the superb vistas.
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