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  1. Hi Mohd. Thanks for the response. I actually drive every friday irrespective of the climate. Wish to join if our forum has any drive plans.
  2. Hi Friends, Any LR off road drives being planned in the near future ? Would like to join. Sundar
  3. Hello Friends ! My Name is Sundar and I turned my childhood dream into reality by owning a LR Disco ( 2004). Have been using it purely as my off road companion since Jan this year and am Pretty happy with the performance. Nice to be associated with like minded souls. Thanks for the opportunity.(To Ghassan especially who had contacted me) I do however need to learn to master the art of optimizing the performance by enhancing my driving skills of this lovely beast. Thats it for now and I would be grateful for any advise from your end which I can put to use and make myself a better LR driver. Sundar
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