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  1. Hi everyone, My husband is having some issues with the AC of his Expedition, where can he take it? He went to a workshop but wasn't very happy with the results. Thanks!
  2. Thank you guys. I'm not thinking of getting another car for now since I don't need it. And no, I'm not ready for a bargain, I'll rather keep it. I don't need to sell, it's just a big expense for my current situation as I am starting my own business. I'm in love with the car, it works great and never gave me a problem! I'll check the prices in the market, put the add and wait until someone gives me what I want. I didn't know they stopped the FJs. It doesn't make sense, it's a fantastic car.
  3. Hi guys, I'm considering selling my FJ Cruiser since I don't give it enough offroad use and therefore could have something smaller and more affordable. I would appreciate if you can provide some advice to sell the car as: - When is a good time to sell - What would be a good price to advertise it for? Taking into consideration it has 33.000 km only and full-service history. Bought 25th December 2014. Sleeps in the garage. I would like to sell before it hits 40000 km, so I'm not in a rush at all, which is cool because I don't have pressure to sell cheap. Thank you very much! Stela
  4. until

    Hi guys! I hope you are having a great summer. We are back in Dubai and will try to join you next weekend. I'll let you know for sure closer to the date.
  5. Where can I buy the gear? My tow rope broke down during the last recovery. Thanks
  6. Great advice guys! Any recommendations where I can get all the gear from? My tow rope broke in the last recovery...
  7. Hi Nutbolt, thanks for your reply. The noise comes up when the surface of the sand changes and the car is sliding a bit, not when I hit the gas pedal. The light looks very similar to that one, yes. The problem is that it feels like the engine is trying to stop the car from sliding making me lose momentum. What I don't know is if on these conditions I should be thankful that this feature is helping or switch off the control, but I think once I switched off the TRC to try out and the noise still came up a few times. Any suggestions? Not that I am in a hurry, is too hot to go to the desert right now...
  8. Hi, When off roading with my FJ 2014 on H4 sometimes I get a noise from the engine and a light flashes on the main panel for a few seconds. It happens normally when in soft sand. The sound last for a few seconds also, but it sounds terrible! Is that the TRC? What would you recommend? Thanks
  9. Guys please I need some help, my range overheated and they are giving me a high quotation in AAA. Any alternatives? Any numbers please? I would like to get a quote before moving the car with the crane. Thanks
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