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  1. Timing chain or the timing belt are same part of engine of all cars that synchronizes the timing of the engine. This transfers the power of crankshaft to the cam shaft which activates the valves, thus providing air and fuel to engine cylinders. Both timing chains and timing belts perform the same job of delivering the power based on engine timing valve opening and closing. In 70’s timing chains were popular and most automobile makers made use of these chains. In 90’s timing belts made out of hi quality rubber became popular, but now again it is timing chains that are being preferred by manufacturers. What are the main difference between timing chain and timing belt, and what their features and pros and cons are: The real difference between a chain and a belt is what you would expect with the materials with which they are made. A chain is made of interlinking metal pieces, is heavier, stronger and makes more noise. It is also longer lasting. However, a timing belt is less expensive, is serviceable, less complex than a chain, but needs to be replaced more often than a chain. It is car manufacturer’s perceived efficiency that makes them go with a timing chain or a timing belt. You can hear the noise made by the chain when the car is running but the timing belt rarely makes any noise.
  2. AC is such a menace i have changed the AC system entirely and its very expensive here.
  3. it could be but there is a light different for the panel so get it checked.
  4. Some more info is needed here mate, like how many km car is driven currently? Were you traveling to oman or Saudi lately? Fuel filter in your car is for lifetime and never get choked or dirty with UAE spec fuel unless you been to any of above two countries (no offense). Secondly your car fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank but very much accessible from outside. It is mounted on top of fuel tank so remove the back seat and you will able to see it and remove it. Remove it out and see if mesh attached to it is dirty then its worth changing or if computer check place is fully reliable and take full responsibility of this change. Unless if you have any hesitation while flooring the gas pedal then it could be dirty MAF (Mass Air flow Meter) sensor, located at air filter neck. Just remove that and get it clean with spray and you should be fine.
  5. jay wrote: > there maybe some problem with the fuses or the connection. if the bulbs > were failing then they wouldn't even glow so it cat be the blubs. yeah jay it was connection that was getting fused. great help
  6. sometime the indicator works sometimes it wont. sometime hazard light works sometimes it wont sometimes both work and sometimes both wont work at the same time. can anyone tell me what is this please.
  7. Mobil 1, Valvoline and Total are the best and expensive. Best is Mobil 1.
  8. tilt perpendicular wiper blade and unclip the center plastic and remove the old wiper and refix new one. For first time do it in daylight as u got to see the clip clearly from where to unlock with minus screw driver.
  9. Start the car tomo w/o AC and see if it still overheat. Then its radiator is chocked or no coolant or else thermostat is faulty. If it doesnt overheat w/o AC that means AC fan is not working. Before all this you should also doubt water temperature sending sensor. When it overheat step out and check the radiator to engine hose and engine to radiator hose if they both are hot and tight as hell that means it is overheating and water temp sensor is fine.
  10. none, it could be gear issue. Get your gear oil checked / changed and see if its still happen.
  11. Get your brake drums checked it may be getting very weak. If not get your alignment checked if its little bit out or toe in then also this wobbling happens while braking.
  12. Check your battery terminal for loose connection or the fuel pump stop delivering while brake, cuts off the fuel pressure instead of reducing it. Get it checked. Its very weird otherwise.
  13. hello i am a owner of Lexus ES 300 which is a American spec my problem is that after driving it for 5 km it starts slowing down , and then it stops. the transmition doesn't get engaged. i have changed oil serviced transmission, changed coolant. but the problem is still there. is there any way to fix this problem
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