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  1. Saw some cobone deal for 300 dhs which was originally 900 dhs, it was in aweer some place.
  2. if you get the battery, starter of the car and spark plugs checked maybe you will get some clarity.
  3. yeah it can be that the pump is new so its a bit of an effort give it some time and i am sure it will be softer.
  4. its ok to flicker at times get the speed sensor checked and even keep an eye on the coolant.
  5. its the summers i guess it happens. happened in my Ford once had to change it completely.
  6. are you the first owner as this only happens when the roof must be repainted.
  7. it looks like a speaker problem get it checked there is no other thing i see is the problem.
  8. Same thing happen with Zeus is quite right. Blown fuse the culprit. It was melted actually.
  9. Yes timing belt is partly wear and tear item. Why i am saying partly because you suppose to change it before it wears down Snapping or tearing of timing belt can cause BIOG HAVOC to car engine. So stitch in time save nine. After 100k km you should change the timing belt in Lexus (not sure abt SC though). But quite positive as its same in all Toyota and Lexus models. Still double check with dealer the exact km to be 100% sure
  10. Compressor seems to be dead or not pumping enough to lift the car.
  11. Its not the hose, it usually is the Jet is blocked. Take safety pin or all pin and prick the jet holes few times until pin moves in and out freely.
  12. bhaktiyaar u saved 2000 dhs for me coz when i chkd wid the workshop guys they wud charge me bomb anyways i fixed the issue thnx to u
  13. my lexus sc 430 has electrical seats and my problem is that whenever i adjust my seat i get a airbag fault message which is very irritating coz it is not consistent as i took it twice to the garage and both the times it didnt pop. what do i do
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