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  1. i havent saved money but a lot of time. guess thats money too
  2. I really doubt mate that someone is gonna rent the personal car like this. You can check plenty of rent a car in Deira opposite arabian automobiles offering all Lexus models. Easier, no obligation and tension free than requesting from individual owner.
  3. wilson

    Is it the pump or what?

    if the pump that was installed were of good quality then this should not have happened.
  4. its the motor that should be checked and changed.
  5. wilson

    i am getting lighting check lamp.

    is there any other warning that you are getting?
  6. wilson

    how much is AC unit price?

    i have a friend who got the entire ac unit changed that costed him 900 from ajaman industrial area that was including labour charges.
  7. Do you have any leaks found?
  8. wilson

    can i use the LS engine in ES?

    dinesh what did the mechanic say can you do this.
  9. wilson

    how is the timing belt changed.

    found this video.
  10. if there is some fault you get the steering checked and if there is a leak then the leak has to be fixed and the steering oil should be replenished.
  11. wilson

    can i use the LS engine in ES?

    i havent heard of one engine used in different model Car. i want to know this answer too.
  12. get steering rack changed as this is a very crucial part of the car and if experimented it may get fatal.
  13. i went to dhaniya service center and they have changed the belt very fast as its not very busy the cost is not as much as the dealers are charging me.
  14. wilson

    WHere is the starter located

    the starter of your car is mounted to the firewall in the center under the intake manifold. but if you have never done this before then dont initiate changing it yourself as you may damage more then you have bargained for.
  15. wilson

    sluggish car

    Is it car well serviced? if not it cud be service issue. If yes, check your spark plug it must be due for change or HT lead or ignition coil.