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  1. Where are designer rims available in UAE? anyone with any idea??
  2. Good year is another good option in similar price range. If you can stretch bit more then Michellin is the best.
  3. Very valid point made and humble request to others. I see these drivers on daily basis and usually ignore them, but thinking about sanjayvsuri point i think cops need to revoke these drivers license and give them 6 months detention to learn how to respect road sense more than their empty ego. No offense to slow drivers, as i do drive slow sometime but in slow lanes as in majority of places in Dubai you have 3-4 lanes that you can fit per your style.
  4. brakes are not changed on specific times like how the oils are changed. the brakes are changed on the amount of use the more the brakes are used the faster you will need to change them.
  5. the Messages stored in your computer cant be removed by you what you can do is take your car to a good service center who will be able to remove it and this comes up when either there is a seat belt problem or traction control anything or everything to do with safety.
  6. the AC duct of the car is jammed that is what i can see. or it can be that the AC Gas needs to be refilled. these are the two cheap options if still the ac is not blowing then let me know.
  7. the steering fluid is changed when you hear a whining sound or there is some problem.
  8. what do u mean? what do u want to rent or buy. what were u referring to
  9. Well you can start with checking if Air filer is cleaned. if that is clean enough then see if the fuel pump is working correctly.
  10. i really didnt understand what do u mean by a replacement filter . If what i understand correctly you are looking for a new filter which you can find in sharjah Divya spare parts or there a loads of shops in bmw road in sharjah as well.
  11. Car horn are the last thing to fail usually. Check with burn fuses (if any). Loose wiring over the horn back side. If they both are fine, get to electrician and have him check the current continuity to check power is coming to horn when you press the horn. If not then it could be horn switch inside the steering which is freaky. If all three above things are fine, then you should change the horn that means horn is gone bad.
  12. You mean to ask Engine mounting??? As thats the rubber mounts that hold the whole engine weight and absorbs vibration and jerk when engine starts and drive at high rpm. Those engine mounts are little below and on side of engine. There are three mounts in your car that hold engine. one in front, and two on sides (left and right). All seen from below.
  13. Nope, you have to replace the whole windscreen
  14. It cud vary quite broadly. It may be minor stuff like spark plug need change or car need service or air filter needs change or cleaning. Or SOMETHING SERIOUS, like head gasket blown and need change.
  15. the music system is in-built in this car and the problem is that when i got the battery changed it stopped working. how can i fix it. thanks
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