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  1. if we compare dubai traffic is better then other countries. we should just have more fines scare i guess..
  2. there is one called junaid garage in sharjah they are good and professional
  3. in luxury segment these issues are very normal.
  4. look into the Main fuse Box its inside it.
  5. the engine is cleaned with petrol until or unless its Land rover.
  6. How much are you guys paying brake jobs? How much with parts and labor to change all 4pads? Around 1500 dhs with dealer. How much to change your rotors? Around 600 for each rotor. And also how long do they last in kilos? Depends on how hard u brake, usually front pad last 40k -50k kms easily. Rear lasts much longer Thanks in advance
  7. brake drums are changed when changing brake drums.
  8. if its just water and the cap is loose then the water is getting evaporated check if the cap is closed properly. it can be that the bottle must be leaking too.
  9. Auto Body Shop is good . I got my bumper fixed from them once and they did a good job with it.
  10. there are three of them and yes its best to change all of them.
  11. see it the lock is jammed or broken. Incase its jammed use wd40 and if its broken it should be changed. Headrest is also a part of safety
  12. This is a concern its advisable to get the accelerator checked.
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