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  1. I think get your Vitamin D checked my friend... And just an advice - was on this route last week, join only if you feel perfectly fit. It's quite a steep rise in level from usual Fewbie - rightly so, that's how the learning curve should be i believe. While I cherished every moment of it, perhaps the best drive experience however surely demanding as well.
  2. Simply an wholesome, immersive learning experience for me - carry extra valves, Fewbie is over - it's time for manual shift, be extra cautious while reversing down a slope...Thanks @sertac for leading us through this drive and thanks to the whole team for the patience and for your guidance throughout the trip as i slowly explored the art of climbing steep dunes. @Chaitanya D - one more of these and i believe I will ready for the next trip to Sweihan..🙂👍
  3. Great...just sent...let me know and will plan accordingly...
  4. Just got the call from a garage, they are offering 14k for my IS300... 2008, base option with fabric seat, no flashy sunroof etc.. 185k done... Seems okay? It's in perfect form, just needed to change starter solenoid so sent to garage. Tyres are around 20k (1.5year old) done and insurance/registration due in Aug... If a decent deal will go ahead and look for new....what do you think? He is ready to pay the cost of solenoid replacement as well on top...so around 14500-600, effectively.
  5. Thanks Rahim Bhai...surely can't go for 2014 model...will have to sleep in garage for rest of my life...🙂 A brand new Jeep for myself and 6-7 year old for wife is a recipe for disaster....,😄 Based on above GS looks like a real winner. LS is expensive and on your point for IS, I am still a youngster Rahim Bhai...😃😃
  6. Was thinking of this model...they have these personal lease agreements these days..low down payment and low monthly emi, with option to step out after three years without additional payment.. Issues are - dealers options cost a bit more (depreciation level of 40-50%) and effort required to buy/sell directly is beyond my patience level. Will check Lexus and based on @sertac feedback explore a bit more on Merc as well... For me as well would prefer Lexus over Infinity (pure personal choice.for.styling, thought don't believe performance wise there's much diff).
  7. Really interesting feedback @sertac.thanks for same...Merc C300 is undoubtedly a beauty...i always thought Merc maintenance is as much as that of BMW (and that's high) that's why wasn't considering, especially since for Merc only the used one come close to my stretched budget. Great will check that..
  8. How about Volvo, something like S90, do you recommend based on above parameters?
  9. Hi @Fredericyes it's surely in option list...only thing is Lexus and Infinity are very similar and if some good options would prefer some change. Also an iissue I understand with Infiniti is sticky door rubber cladding during summers. Many colleagues complained about it. Used to have this issue in my Lexus as well, however understand that they fixed it in new models. It used to get Soo sticky and soft that my 2yo daughter punctured it with her nails.
  10. Thanks @Gaurav GS is surely an awesome ride, wasn't even thinking of it as expected it to be off my budget limits...will check it right away...Lexus is surely not easy to let go..
  11. Hi all a bit off the topic, however a bit confused so seek advice....it's about cars, so thought who better than the gang here.. I am planning to get a new (used/new) car for my wife - her daily drive and need advice on the same.. Parameters/a bit on preference are as below.. Please share your thought. A. She presently drives my old daily drive - a Lexus IS300 2008, have had it for almost 11 years (got a good deal in 2010). And we both just loved it. Car is still in good shape just time to change to something latest - Basically, it's the wife thing - complaining that even my Jeep has more electronics/smart features than her Lexus. B. Her usage is limited around 8-9k a year. However, thinking of something which I can take out to office once in a while, when not in mood to drag my Jeep and for a change feel some speed. So surely something with some statement, stands out a bit over the usual (Camry/accords), but not too flashy. C. Going by our track record, used the same car for 10+ years, want to go for something not very old - a new one or perhaps 2018/19/20 model. So that it can go a long way. D. Budget is generally around 100k, won't mind a bit stretch if get something good. E. One of the reason I loved my Lexus (apart from it's performance) has been the maintainance cost - my average cost per year hasn't exceeded 2500/year even when I drove it myself (so around 20-25km a year). This average includes replacing tyres every 2-2.5 years, which have been a steep part of this figure. So surely looking for something which doesn't hurt me post service/warranty contract. F. One of key requirement is hauling kids around (a baby and a 8yo). So decent space in boot as well as back. The moment I proposed idea of SUVs, she started picturing Touareg, GLC or XC60 or something 😄 Doubt any of these would fit into my budget and maintainance parameters. G. Safety is surely very important and we both like Volvo in general however heard too expensive to maintain post warranty? General advice we got is the usual - prefer Japanese bit (and is probably right as well). The moment I suggested, all she could think of is another Lexus...and i am sure now you know why I need advice. 😄 Please share your thoughts.
  12. Hi @sertac i confirm to abide, have seen the requirements and expectations. However not being able to open the page today (not sure seems like some tech issue).
  13. Hey @AlexPol beautiful pic.... can really see the diff between f/2.8 and typical f/3.5+ lens 🙂 I can see my wife further pissed (already not so happy about my offroading expenses...😄😄)
  14. Basic convoy etiquettes missed out....less distance between the cars and then overtaking....perhaps they missed out on Absolute Newbie session...
  15. Yeah really need to find some soln....I use a sturdy bracket installed on the spare wheel mount...thought the issue was with thread of the mount screw, got it changed as well last week....will check tomo perhaps some mismatch in threads of flag and mount screw...
  16. Thanks all for a wonderful drive... Fog did change @Lorenzo Candelpergher's song Ride of Valkyries to Highway to the Danger zone....in any case both are awesome and so was the drive with it's super cool soft sand, crazy fog and beautiful slide slopes. It was my first drive around Faya area and I truly enjoyed the bowls it offers. Surely not as huge as Sweihan but than that's what made it more fun and less intimidating .(the sheer size at Sweihan was a bit intimidating for me last week). Wish I could continue further but for this stupid flag - wasted a lot of drive.time for all (Sorry for that, especially to @[email protected] and @Rahimdad who had to track it), distracted me to be crested on that basics of dune (my first crest with Carnity) and worst it made it not so safe to continue without it for extended drive. Must have been an experience towing down a wrangler from top of Faya.. @Matt.T hope just a small glitch, keep us posted. Thanks to @Ashy for the tuck and regularly highlighting the challenges ahead... Imran - looking forward to the video of the drive. Thanks all for the overall wonderful experience.
  17. Seems I won't be able.to make it on time. Post morning drive got stuck with some unexpected office things. Sorry for late change in plans, hope to catch up with you all next time
  18. @Wrangeld some unexpected work came up, won't be able to join for the drive...sorry for last min change in plan.
  19. See you all in sand... @[email protected] seems Marshals have realized that only you can handle the tracks/or lack of it that my Jeep leaves on it's way...😄
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