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  1. Thanks for the useful info master ... the problems connected to the failure of the O2 sensor are too broad to think that this is my only problem. Can be a battery issue too right. i need to know if something specific happens to notice that the o2 sensor is out. Thanks again.
  2. thanks for the responses guys, what is the O2 sensor? What is its functionality in the car?
  3. I forgot to mention one more thing, the check engine light had come up when i took it to the dealership, with a couple of fixtures they were able to turn the signal off but since the time i have brought it home, the light comes up regularly, only when i am 5-10 mints into my driving. When I park my car and turn it off and turn it on again, it does not come up until i drive again for 5-10 mints. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, my vehicle GS300 2010 has been the target of loss of power and low on efficiency. it will drive around but its become poor in every aspect. To add to my worries i look it to the dealership last week and they could not find a single problem with the battery, engine, alternator/starter, sparks, wires, etc. I tried googling the problem since i am afraid its going to shut down completely soon and i cant afford that. Found a couple of problems related to "loss of power" and they mentioned something along the lines of a sensor that might have stopped working which is why the car might be performing so poorly. Can someone tell me in layman's terms which sensors we are talking about? Thanks
  5. I have the same car with the same year of manufacturer. Never had a problem. No rattles or squeaks or dings or pings. Mileage = 125,000+
  6. jeez i didn't know it was that bad ... yeah to be honest if tried everything and even asked someone on how to work them properly but the affect is not so great.. thank god its not my car ... ive heard of better cooling seats on other cars ... its just that the heat here in the uae gets to you sometimes
  7. hey guys I got an IS250 12 from work to use for a couple of days and was out in the afternoon today. I had heard about the cooling seats in this car and saw the function for it too. Tried turning it on with max cooling but felt no difference on the seats. Is there a way to turn them on or something? Thanks
  8. The servo is an electric motor. There are 2 of these for the heater control. One controls the heater control valve under the hood which allows hot antifreeze to flow through the heater core. The other moves the blend door. The door allows the air to flow through either the heater core, or the a/c evaporator. If its not moving properly, it may be stuck and not allowing the air to flow through the heater core. Explained!
  9. i can sorta relate to that noise in a way because my ES 2004 made a noise like that too. maybe not as loud as a piston slap but there was always a strange sound. to be honest the part about it not being harmful is correct as it never caused any problems for me.
  10. there are a few scratches on the windscreen you have any great ideas of if i can remove them?
  11. i want to use some kind of fluid for my washer which will give me cleaner windscreen as there are times when i go to oman or hatta and drive for a long time which dose mess up my car and i cant find car cleaners so this will be very helpful. can someone suggest me a good fluid for this purpose?
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