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  1. Since last week, occasionally my car is dropping rpm when in traffic and stalling. Need to restart car and everything seems fine, just wondering if anyone can help with some tips to find out what's going on and how to fix this. It's like once in 2-3 days its happening.
  2. Sometime, in frustration I feel like cutting their license in two when they drive at 60 or 80 in a lane where others can drive upto 120. Dubai Police should launch some radar for minimum speed as well for fast lane.
  3. It may be a loose connection at speaker or at head unit, so its worth doubting the head DIN backside multiplug that sends the sound to the speakers. Good electrician will identify both and advise accordingly if you are not DIY guy.
  4. Many different cars when old, behave this way on startup which is SUPER PERFECTLY BLOODY NORMAL. When engine is cold and so as engine oil, Oil pump takes few seconds to build oil pressure to start reaching on top cover where tappets and kind of running dry for first 15 secs - 30 secs. This is really a normal behavior with car getting that old, max you can do is to stick to fully synthetic oil as two of members advise so that it reaches the engine head faster due to its thinner viscosity and long life.
  5. I would prefer new Lexus, anyday. Its gives fresh start, clean smell, unused feel and peace of mind.
  6. Hi LFA, u work with Al futtaim motors?
  7. you will probably have to get reprogramming done and get the fuse check too.
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