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  1. I know that we have our own way of doing things but what I do to determine when I need to rotate my car's tires is somewhere around 5000miles.
  2. Now that is a really cool feature. Do you think that such technology will be available in our lifetime? I wonder if Lexus would be able to lead in that market.
  3. That is why "do it yourself" fixes is also becoming popular. If you do have problems with your car, before taking it to the shop, you might want to ask here instead and we will do what we can to help you.
  4. How about a diamond version? I think that would be a sparkling thought. Where can I snatch this car?
  5. I have to agree with Jamil, before you tinker with the actual mechanics, check first if the power steering fluid needs filling up. Sometimes we don't really notice because it's really not part of our regular maintenance.
  6. I think the RX 450h will be the next thing here especially if it really saves up more fuel. I wonder when they can commercialize solar powered car?
  7. Silicone gease or spray. You might also look up high-temperature grease that works well for suspensions. Hope that helps.
  8. I am pretty sure you will appreciate this picture: . It is just mounted to the bottom of the intake air chamber.
  9. It is possible that there is a loose wiring somewhere that is why it goes on and off. You might want to start with the LKM light switch and check to see if the wires connected there are disconnected.
  10. Where is the squeaking sound coming from? . Is it from the front or rear end of the car? Have you lubed the bushings?
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