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  1. Asian especially Indians and Phillipinos are way better owner, guaranteed no abuse if you are seeking for performance or offroad ride. They hardly hit throttle like Arab and Europeans....! I have even seen some of them driving with seat plastic that comes with factory and in korean brand they even drive with ugly big fat sky blue rubber door bumper that comes from factory. . As original as it can get after years of use.
  2. If you can afford slightly extra expense and don't want any headache for sure rental is much better. In case you are a frequent traveller or very busy person who have no time for maintenance issues, wait, follow up. I assume though you ask this question, I am sure you must considering this and thinking to make sense
  3. Fellas, please help me decide for which option to choose from new car buying vs car lease as they both are attractive and it looks like modern day rent a car companies really competing with brand new car buyers decision. Thanks.
  4. I checked the pressure, it was actually very low. Will maintain the pressure from now.
  5. My car is showing low tire warning light on the dash. But I am not sure why this light is there. Can anyone tell me what causes this light?
  6. I would say, at first that teens shouldn't be given a car only. Just for their fun, they drive their verifies roughly and disturb every other driver on the road. I noticed this few days back on jumeirah road when i went for a long drive with my family. The teenagers were driving very roughly, not following the speed limit and they were too noisy. Me and my wife were fed up and we went back home. Its always good to enjoy on weekends but your fun is never fun if it's disturbing somebody else's peace of mind. So my typos on teen driving will be drive as per the sote limit and don't destroy the mood and peace of other people on the road.
  7. Squealing noise means brake pads of your car is gone. You need to change it as soon as possible. If you will avoid it, your brakes will fail.
  8. Hey people. My father's birthday is coming and I want to goft him a 4X4 segment car. He loved Ford cars, but I dont know much about the Ford cars. Can anyone suggest me which car is the best for 4X4 segment? I need the best for my father.
  9. Offcourse! if the fuel level is too low, then car wont start. Also, if the quality of fuel has gone bad, the car will not start.
  10. Dont buy it Dude! Its 9 years old!
  11. Also, make sure that the workshop/showroom you are buying the tires from AAA certified showroom, and also the workshop should be reliable.
  12. Well, there is lot of ways we can adopt to reduce the emission of CO2 from our car. I can completely understand that it’s impossible to leave your car and start driving a bicycle, that too in UAE. It’s not even an option. But yes, if we just follow some tips, we can definitely reduce the greenhouse gasses emission. Shut your engine down: Well it’s not wrong to say that the Dubai traffic is horrible! So when you are stuck in the traffic, or waiting for your friend in the car, or even just asking an address to a person, shut your car engine. That can almost reduce 5% of emission of greenhouse gases. I know it’s not a big amount, but if everyone of us starts doing that, it will be a huge percent. Have a moderate driving: When you start driving moderately without rushing to reach somewhere that also helps in reducing the emission of CO2 from the car. This will help in reducing the emission by 15%. Searching for Parking: I have seen so many people just roaming around the parking area, to get the best parking place. I mean even if the nearest parking is free, they don’t want to opt for it. So one way to reduce global warming is to stop wasting your time to look for a perfect parking and try to do parallel parking wherever found. Bleeding the brakes: If one bleeds the brake too much, the emission of harmful gases is really common. So try not to bleed brakes unnecessary. If there is any mechanical issue, then give it a try otherwise NO! This can help in reducing the emission of harmful gases by 20%. Try walking if applicable: Try to avoid driving car when you just have to go two blocks away. It’s healthy for the driver as well as healthy for environment.
  13. Engine seizing is when the cranksaftis frozen and not able to turn up in the bearings. It generally happens when the car is over heatedor there is low oil level in the car. It sometimes leads to a severe issue and one may need to get some parts of the engine replaced. To avoid engine seizing, always maintain the proper oil level and coolant level in the car.
  14. Thanks Brother! Will defienetely check the complete cost of installation. Thanks again!
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