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  1. What does it mean by defensive driving?
  2. Can low fluid level result into transmission slipping? If yes, then how?
  3. The AC refrigerant in my Accord is finished. Is it possible to refill on my own? How can i do it, please tell me. I really have no time to go to a workshop these days. So it would be great if i can do it on my own
  4. You are right man! I have got most of the fines in Sharjah itself. There are not much cameras there, but sharjah police is always active. I recently paid around 500 AED overall for all my fines in Sharjah.
  5. Brake disc job is somewhere same as of replacing brake pads. Nobody taught me how to replace the brake discs; I did it on my own when I was replacing the brake pads. If you know how to replace brake pads, brake discs replacement is an easy job for you. Just follow these steps: First and foremost is to park your car somewhere on the ground level. Don’t park your car over a steep floor. Jack: Now you have to raise your car, so install jacks under the car and raise the car. Don’t forget to lock it by jack stand. That’s really important to avoid any slipping of jack. Lug Nuts: Take a proper wrench, and loosen up the lug nuts from the wheel. Try doing that before you raise the vehicle. It would be easy to do that. After raising the vehicle, you can just uninstall the wheel from the panel. Brake Pads: Remove the brake pads from the discs. While you are doing that you can scan the brake pads as well if they need to be repaired or replaced. Rotors & Calipers: Brake discs sometimes need resurfacing if there are deep groves in the rotors. Scan the rotors for any kind of damage as well. While you are doing that, check calipers and if they need a replacement. Brake discs, on the other hand need to be sharp and highly effective on brake pads. If you think it’s damaged, replace it with new one. To replace it, you need to loosen up all the nuts attached to it. Installing a new brake discs: If you are confused or not sure about the specifications of your brake discs, check the car manual or consult your dealer for the same. After installing a new brake disc, install the brake pads, calipers back to the discs. At the end, install the wheel back and tighten all the lug nuts.
  6. So ,it means i need to go get it replaced asap?
  7. Well, She is just crazy to buy a 4X4 car. I am not really sure if I want to spend so much money on this.
  8. Someone please share how to fix the head gasket leak!
  9. The temperature gauge in my car is touching the overheated line, but surprisingly there is nothing wrong in the engine. I mean the engine is normal and there is no oil leak or any kind of overheating in the engine, then why is the temperature gauge showing overheating!
  10. What i know about Range rover cars is the oil consumption goes down always. But recently they have improved on the oil consumption issues in their car and increasing the viscocity to 5W30 synthetic oil.
  11. true Man! I heard so much about this model. Do you know more about the features of this car? Please share.
  12. How do I take care of the automative belts and hoses in my new GX 460. Want to maintain this car to my best in order to avoid any extra maintenance issue.
  13. Hey guys. Are you aware about the new launch lexus NX. Please share your first review abour it. Really curious to know about this car.
  14. Hey guys. Please share your best experience with your lexus. Lets just share your moment of happiness associated with your lexus which makes it so special.
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