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  1. The Lexus heater core is a small radiator-like device which is located under the dash board and particularly mounted at the HVAC housing. This is activated via heater controls and a blower motor which controls the accurate amount of heat. The Lexus heater core should be regularly inspected together with the cooling system. Coolant changes must be done at recommended intervals to prevent failure. Signs that your heater core is starting to fail includes coolant leaking on the interior, an unusual smell whenever the heater is on, and poor heater output. If left unattended, heater core problems tend to get worse.
  2. hello, i agree with the fuel theory put forward by Jerry but on top of that i know out of personal experience that the build-up of carbon deposits on the top of the pistons or at the bottom of the valves causes a 'pinging' noise to come from the engine. this a very common problem with higher-mileage engines as it artificially increases the compression ratio inside the cylinder.
  3. Hiya Lexus Enform is the operating system installed in the latest models of Lexus which consist of different information, safety and navigation services. There is a lot of material online for you to read about it. The best one is available on Lexus's own website. With this system you can \sync your mobile apps, access emergency services, receive latest information articles from Lexus, directions for your destination, traffic updates, road side assistance, etc. I think you have to subscribe to one of their packages after the first year which is free. Thereon, you are charged. Not a bad move for a luxury SUV/Sedan. Let me know if you need more info, i'll share a link or two
  4. it can be only a coincident that the car stopped at the same time the fuel was getting refilled. getting the car checked by a good mechanic can clear a lot of doubt.
  5. garmin are expensive but best in the industry.
  6. It can be also the wiring of the music system may need some fixing.
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