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  1. you can do with jumper cables how to do that: 1. Another car 2. Jumper cables 3. brush for cleaning connections (optional) 4. Safety glasses Park the other car next to the car tht has the dead battery in a way that the cables (jumper) can reach both batteries. The batteries are under the hood mostly on the right side on most cars. Connect the wire from one car to the other now start the running car and charge the dead battery. Remember not to touch the car while doing this, your body should not come in contact with the car. Read the instruction manual before you start doing this or call the expert to do it.
  2. Display panel is changed and it seems that the lights of the panel is not as bright as it use to be, i contacted the mechanic and he says the recent batch of panels are like this.
  3. dragon mart has all the options need to look in detail.
  4. frank wrote: > Saw some cobone deal for 300 dhs which was originally 900 dhs, it was in > aweer some place. used the deal and it was worth it
  5. few years back when i owned toyota corolla i faced same problem and after spending 2K i had to find out the hard way that it was an electrical problem.
  6. http://www.wikihow.com/Change-a-Timing-Belt is a link that i have found that has instructions on how to change the timing belt.
  7. do you have cruise control that may help.
  8. what did it cost you guys to clean you car's engine.
  9. i am desperately looking for a car vacuum that has the lighter connection looked everywhere carfour, hyperpanda and so many other places where electronics are sold but didnt find it. Anyone can tell me please.
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