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  1. I was reading about the gasoline car engine these days. But how does the engine with gasoline actually works?
  2. You can check out the 2015 compact model of VW Beetle. It comes with 170 horsepower and torque is 184lb. We have improvised the interiors as well this time. Its compact still big from inside.
  3. Well if your warranty is expired, then your dealer is gonna cost you more money than a local workshop. Otherwise you can perform DIY. Changing air filter is an easy process. This way you saved money as well as time
  4. You can check the fluid level using the dipstick. But when you check the level, make sure that your car is parked at the groud level and not at any steep level
  5. Replacing a flat tire is actually an easy DIY task. You will need: Wrenches, jack, jack stands, new tire and hand gloves. At first, you need to scan which tire is flat. To replace the flat tire, you need to install the jack under the car. Just for the security, do not leave your car on the higher level on the support of jacks only. You need to properly install the jack locks and stands to make sure that your car is under control and there is no chance that the jack will slip out. Once you safely raise the car, and then loosen up all the lug huts associated with the flat tire. While you do that, put on the hand gloves. After you remove all the lug nuts, just pull the tire a bit, and it will come out on its own. Now install the new tire in the same way that the lug nuts can be installed the same way as it was on the old tire. Now tighten the lug nuts properly. Make sure that any of the lug nut is not loose. If there are any lug nuts loose, then there are chances that your tire may lose up and you will lose control on the car. Now remove the jack stand and pull the jack stool to the ground level and remove it carefully. It’s done! In addition, take your flat tire to a mechanic and get it repaired as soon as possible. One needs to carry an extra tire in the car if in case you have a flat tire on the middle of the road. Also, when you change the tire, scan the brake pads as well if the edge is rough or smooth. This way you can actually have an idea if your brake pads are on the edge of dying or can they still survive.
  6. It means the wheel bearing is gone bad in your car. You need to get it fixed or replaced. Dont ignorewheel bearing noise, and get it fixed from your dealer or workshop, today itself.
  7. If you have a manual Ac, then its fine. you dont need an automatic climate control system. But no climate control system and no manual AC means that too much heat in the car. If you can bear this, then its fine. But what out the weather of UAE.
  8. The clutch disc is worn out in my car. Help me how to fix it!
  9. May be the rear view mirror by default is not adjusted properly. Some adjustment needs to be done. If you can do it, then try to tighten the screw behind the rear view mirror, may that’s loose
  10. It depends on what size pothole it was. If you are driving through a big pothole, it badly affects the steering as well as the tires of your car. It also affects the efficiency of the brakes. Driving on potholes leads to easy and quick wear/tear of your tires.
  11. Really? I mean are you sure? This is really sad as these people promise so many big things when buying a car, and come up with confusing explanations of what things are not included in the warranty.
  12. I am planning to put synthetic motor oil in my Lexus. Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of putting synthetic motor oil?
  13. The automatic climate control system in my MR-v (2008 model) is not working. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong and how to fix this?
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