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  1. elvis

    Dorbi Auto Care

    Dorbi is nice guys, used them once and very happy
  2. Carswitch quoted me 3,000 AED for selling my car at so called fair value, means i will be paid lesser by 3 grand than my car current fair market value. They may be nice for buyers, but definitely not for sellers. DIY rocks, if you care for your money, my two cents.
  3. If you know more than others, you have no right to call it a bum advice, even if you have all 5 stars. Imbecile.
  4. Nissan created Infiniti to compete with international luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. After a thorough research from horizon task force back in 1985-87, they have come up with Infiniti name with four I's, which suggested the limitless international potential of this luxury Japanese automaker. In actual sense Infiniti means same as Infinity - endless / limitless but tweak with four I's caused a distinct and disruptive identity to create the curiosity.
  5. If steering is hard, do check the power steering fluid and top up or flush it maybe stale and moisturized
  6. Thanks guys for so much love, Dodge will MAGA (Make America Great Again)
  7. Dodge Challenger Demon Must watch with "full volume" - one exceptionally nice top gear video
  8. carpooling is perfectly legal and also RTA made a sharekni site and app for registering users interested to share their car or ride as a passenger http://sharekni-web.sdg.ae/en/index.aspx?id=1
  9. With 180 million views it must be boosted version, than just the song or the girl.
  10. Removing thermostat doesn't offer optimum cooling in peak summer as coolant need to stay inside the radiator for a while to get adequate cooling. Constant circulating coolant will not get cooled very well. Go with thermostat that opens at 76 / 78 degree I guess instead of 90 degrees for cold weather.
  11. Every year RTA is running discount for rta fines in dubai, wondring if anyone knows in which month they plan to offer rta fine discount in 2019?
  12. You can get NGK from any sport or performance garage here in Dubai, call few good ones max garage, robbies, Icon auto, ramy trading etc. Just make sure that you select the right one as per NGK product manual.
  13. 90 for one or all 6.....? If one ditch OEM and go for NGK Iridium in that price range and forget changing plugs again.
  14. I agree with milane on response will be bad, but my advise is to opt for iridium long life option than other standard OEM is only for increasing the schedule interval and saving time. Csot diffarnce is not very high 15-20 dhs vs 35-40 dhs.
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