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  1. elvis

    Boxster 2005 spark Plugs

    You can get NGK from any sport or performance garage here in Dubai, call few good ones max garage, robbies, Icon auto, ramy trading etc. Just make sure that you select the right one as per NGK product manual.
  2. elvis

    Boxster 2005 spark Plugs

    90 for one or all 6.....? If one ditch OEM and go for NGK Iridium in that price range and forget changing plugs again.
  3. elvis

    Boxster 2005 spark Plugs

    I agree with milane on response will be bad, but my advise is to opt for iridium long life option than other standard OEM is only for increasing the schedule interval and saving time. Csot diffarnce is not very high 15-20 dhs vs 35-40 dhs.
  4. elvis

    Boxster 2005 spark Plugs

    I am actually no expert on Porsche but can help you understand the spark plug theory, as it is used only to create a spark inside the combustion chamber. Every spark plug is timed based on the kms associated like normal NGK and Bosch lasts for 10k-20k kms and advisable to change in every alternate service (In Japanese, as I have Lexus). Sport performing plugs like Platinum have double the life of 40k kms and Iridium one (most expensive) have 80k kms life. For cars that is difficult to change plugs like removing the manifold and all top parts removal is must then its better to choose long life plugs. Also long life plugs give better performance by giving good quality spark, if they are installed with good HT leads (plug wires). For your Porsche you need to check which plug is recommended and which one you got in last service as to decide what next. If none of the info is handy, go old school and get it open and checked by good mechanic who can advise the condition of spark plugs and recommend to change or not.
  5. OMG, Is this really Hyundai.....? Im ready to ditch my Lexus IS300 for this beauty. Gosh, this looks damn pretty.
  6. My Lexus IS 300, 2008 model sometime show me the fuel gauge reading quiet inaccurate and then next day becomes normal as if nothing have happened. What is the issue I am looking here for big problem or small problem. Thanks for any help here.
  7. elvis

    When do i change timing belt

    Belt every 100k and chain after 200k depending on the condition. Simple.
  8. elvis

    how to start with dead battery

    Just like to add, if car is manual gear you can start car by pushing and then engaging in 1st gear and car will start. Like shown in many old movies. Newer car came with Auto transmission stick that is not going to get started by pushing in case of battery failure. Only alternate way is to change the battery or find another car and jump start as harry mentioned above. I always wonder that no car manufacturer ever thought to have a backup battery fitted in the engine hood that cost less than 500 dhs in a 100-200k worth car, and signal the driver every day to replace the dead battery..... May be Lexus should read this and get inspired from my idea, and send me one free Lexus or even i am happy with free battery. lol.
  9. elvis

    cruise control feature is not working

    when i got same problem i just changed the vacuum and the problem was solved. i was charged only 100 dhs
  10. costed me 3grands but i am very happy with the result. thanks bro
  11. What will be the price of engine for Lexus RX 350 2007?