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  1. Is it true or it's a rumor spread by Motoring Australia about next-generation Lexus LS, will be a hydrogen car in 2017?? Who cares, but pictures are awesome, please red like it for the sake of good pics
  2. A solitary image showing a headlight cluster from the Tokyo concept has been released. The image also shows the L logo of Lexus alongside the headlight. The headlight cluster sports a trio of LED headlight lenses.
  3. McLaren great celebration on its 50th anniversary of the series, Created one of my favourite special Operations (MSO) of the 650S Spider, it is inspired by the cars that won five consecutive championships between 1967 and 1971. Just 50 examples of the 650S Can-Am will be produced globally. I wish I could have it :((( Check out the amazing design in the video:
  4. Very impressive job done by Lexus boyz on the interior and exterior of the first ever RX Hybrid F Sports. Impeccably crafted and attractively designed cabin; supremely quiet; appealing ride and handling balance with F Sport; strong value for the segment. But on the other hand its below-average cargo capacity; distracting Remote Touch interface; relatively slow acceleration can be no-no for someone seriously looking it's sporting performance. Has anyone here took the test drive yet in UAE??
  5. timing belt was a very big job for which the mechanic had to open the entire engine.
  6. when i got check engine warning the car expert advised to change the timing belt. how can i re check if that the expert said is correct advise without spending anything.
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