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  1. Buy a new car just roll out the dealer and try to sell it even without putting on the plates and see what you get for it...buy a Tercel 99 for 2 to 3.5 depending on condition and after using it for 3 or 4 years try to sell it and see for yourself how much you loose when selling...
  2. I had bought parts from there 2 months ago recently no idea...
  3. Could be a sticky caliper I had a customer come in with a 12 explorer he had changed the rear pads like 2 months ago and again I was saying him that you need the rear pads upon good examination the right ones were full new but because of sticking the left ones had finished so instead of fixing the issue he went and brought another pair of pads but changed only the ones which were affected...not my circus not my monkeys...
  4. It's not always change there is repair also here in the market but it always depends on the durability and customers budget... diagnosis is not limited to hooking up a scan tools and retrieving codes there are wirings to be checked, live data to be viewed and many other aspects only after that it's decided what to do about it...you have to make time and drop the car for a good old check-up...
  5. Insurance costs have lately been on the low side especially for tpl
  6. Recently we changed atf oil and 2 filters on a Jeep 4.7 grand it was working good after the oil change smooth shifts then I gave the car to customer then drove the car to Sharjah next day it was fine till he decided to return back it started to jump like a stallion and reached home like that after pulling the codes and checking the car we decided that the gearbox has gone cucu we had to put engine and gear together because the engine also was drinking some water...
  7. The weather has changed drastically the it seems like 7 in evening at 3 pm when it's almost bright daylight
  8. Not only that but sometimes you can get half of the bits from one brand and the other half from some other brand...
  9. Here its national rate mean all the gas stations sell at the same price
  10. Let me check with a friend he restores classics...
  11. Hello can you send me the chassis number might not be safe to share on a public domain...
  12. Sure I will be happy to assist and lend the tools infact there are 2 person I know who come to my shop and do their own car work one only does oil and filter change which we thought him how to do. the other guy it depends on his mood sometimes he comes in a kandora and won't touch a thing and other times he will come in a short and banyan and be pulling out the engine or opening up the head he is a good technician
  13. There is a website who sells BJ's and fjs old model's original and with basic upgrades like ac and power steering and auto trans too but it's pricey you might have to pay them with your eyes hands and balls too while you at it...😂😎
  14. Ac Delco which is available here in UAE usually comes from a factory in Saudi Arabia they don't have much quality the one from us are really good they last 4 to 5 years but they don't have them here another good brand here which lasts but is limited to some sizes is amron and they age pretty well here even heard the company has raised the warranty period too but the shops here are still stuck with 6 month to a year warranty... For tires if comfort is not much in your book only thinking of cheap then go for Chinese I have been using harmony for last 3 years and most of my movement is on the dirt roads of industrial areas
  15. Lately Don't see Kia and Hyundai with as it was before they have considerably climbed up the ladder by their work they are more reliable and not to mention their looks have a friend with a Sportage I am surprised his odo is reaching 700k it seems like milestone to me...😀
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