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  1. It happened to my car whenever I used to turn at high speed like going through a ring to climb or exit a bridge the vsc would kick in and bring the car to a halt often triggering people behind my car to crazy bats scattering left and right....gave me a hard time until i figured it through viewing the live data of abs that the speed sensors we're acting crazy specially when the steering angle sensor was giving inputs....
  2. From my workshop experience what i do is use labanups diluted with water even more if a pinch of salt is added Or just plain glucose powder in some cold water also does the trick On that note I am feeling thirsty now
  3. if people while servicing their cars notice when it's rised they could make out some more places where they could put shackles like thick chassis beams under the car they too are solid but definitely not on the shock struts
  4. Not everything used is good or gonna last I have seen people expect to buy seals , gaskits break pads pipes also used... service items should be bought new or even aftermarket
  5. Pump properly repaired is almost equal to a new pump price Better roll the dice and get a used one and hope that it wasn't abused earlier... Don't forget to flush the old fluid out before putting it in
  6. Still better than the service manual of panamera it's 45000 pages of crazy things heard that Boeing manual has 50k pages....
  7. Only the top aluminum arm is for around 1500 genuine new. try to get some good quality bush it will be cheaper and try to change your driving habit of the way you accelerate from stand still.... should last you bit longer....
  8. If you buy few Pajeros in different colors might be cheaper than putting that on one Pajero....such things could be breaking the bank...
  9. The bigger the rims get...the thinner the tire wall gets why do you want to experience each and every pot and hole on the road...
  10. Sludge builds up because 1 you using the oil beyond it's due change time (most people are from this category) 2 your engine for some reason is running pretty hot thus cooking up the engine oil (almost all cars only have a oil light to indicate pressure but usually almost none of them have a engine oil temperature gauge if you have and know how to read and respond to it then you can avert many situations) 3 you using the oil which is low in rating for the required car's application... If you dislodge that not all of it will end up out while draining some will be there to stick to the oil strainer and some might actually be sticking in those vain like oil lines which will later on invite trouble....
  11. this is just a light case of sludge i have seen worse those pictures are somewhere in the seederbox but you can google them too
  12. If you remove the oil fill cap you can peak in to it or a even better view would be when the valve covers seals need to be changed at that time you can have a better view of the situation...
  13. If you really have reached to the point where such sludge has built up in the engine then it's a very bad idea to dislodge them and risk having your oil strainer chocked ultimately depriving the engine of oil
  14. Don't forget to plan before hand where you gonna stick it first as there is no meaning in getting a 50 inch bar and having a 24 inch space in the bumper....
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