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  1. Hi DuaneKier, It was for my wife Mazda 3 2004 model red color, which i sold few months back (can't remember the plate number). Moreover if noise is mild only in parking, then really don't worry as in my wife case it used to make clak clak on every turning. You can check visually if boot is not torn and dry, it should be completely sealed and have supple touch as it has full of grease in it.
  2. Axle boot change costed me less than 500 dhs with labor at dynatrade. Cant remember correctly.
  3. i have changed the axle boot yes and its working good till now.
  4. Go Mussafah again and see the small workshop who make or repair entire exhaust system and ask them to check for exhaust leak completely and fix it. I dont even think you need to change the exhaust. This engine light must be coming due to some minor and constant exhaust leak. I had a very similar issue, but no light and constant buzzing noise on highway speed. Got fixed in 50 dhs welding at 3 places, thats it.
  5. I am experiencing weird noise over turning. It was very mild then slowly become quite noticeable and kept steady now at same level. Shown my car to mechanic on saturday and he said, axle boot is worn out and need change, doe to which he suspect axle also got damaged and that's why its making such noise on turning. Do you guys also think this explanation seems genuine, this guy quoted me 450 dhs to change axle boot with labor and spare parts. Thanks in advance.
  6. If car is old, may be that small latch is free and not working. You got to open the door inside part and see if latch needs a replacement.
  7. Its very hard to guess without seeing and smelling. Better get to some good electrician and let him check all the wires, fuss and relay. If some short circuit he will trace that out and fix it. More than likely its an electrical short circuit burning some wires somewhere.
  8. Not really, if its due then only change. Usually front get change two times more than rear ones. As front pads get consumed 70% and rear only under hard braking or when car is under full load.
  9. Remove the brake caliper and whole assembly first to reach to bearing.
  10. where is the PCV valve located in mazda 2. thanks
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