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  1. I always tend to get confused with the available trims of the 2014 Mazda3 ... can someone help me out with the types available. And what is the difference between this Mazda3 with the rest? The names just dont help
  2. From experience i can say that when you find no system leaks and the water pump is fine as well then the problem is usually the thermostat. Failure in the thermostats mean that they keep the antifreeze from circulating through the radiator ... hence it cant cool down. Ur car might be overheating due to that.
  3. Yeah what was i thinking anyways ... hardly a year's difference between the two models .. since there were visual differences i thought maybe mazda did a lot of work on their 06 one. I guess have to read more about anti-lock brakes but i think ill settle for 06. thanks everyone, Later.
  4. Oh okay ? .. then i shud just settle with 06, it has less mileage on it and a couple of less dents.
  5. hello there I am in the market for buying a mazda 3 and found two sellers who are friends of friends... both have the same Mazda 3 but in different colors and a different year and to be honest I could not tell a single thing apart. The models were 2005 and 2006 ... both are being offered at attractive prices and i feel that the mazda 3 06 is being offered at a better price also because it is a year later than the other one. Can someone help me with the differences between these two cars? Thanks!
  6. Hi there. My best guess is that there is some minor electrical glitch that's not being compensated for properly. Just a heads up - it won't be something easy to diagnose.
  7. Hi imran, If I were you I would not be worried about it. I once got a blank screen on my Nav system and it freaked me out as well. But after that one time it never happened. If the problem persists the only thing you can do it reset the radio ... if the sound is absent then you need professional help. Peace.
  8. God - I am having the same problem. i even got the mic changed but there was still no improvement. i am sending it off to the dealership since i know i cant do anything by myself.
  9. i got my son's Bluetooth installed from deira market it cost me 200 aed but its a good job
  10. where have you got the gear fixed it could also be speed sensor too
  11. the very ambitions growing technology is the best part about Mazda.
  12. i have seen some in satwaa you can check there too.
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