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  1. Hi Maharuf, Yes your right. I just done mine too last 29th August at the Agency its good that they have the offer and still going on. I was about to buy only parts that time with them and let my known Garage to do the timing belt replacement, comparing the spare parts (discounted) plus the Garage will charge me against the Agency Offer, I'd realize that its just a matter of 500-600 AED I can save with the garage, so I decided to let the Agency do it.
  2. chutz

    Arroyo Tires

    Thanks Stig.. I just visited one tyre shop in Al Quasis and they are promoting it, its Made in Thailand tyre and the thread of this tyre looking very closed look with my Latitude Michelin tyre.
  3. Hi guys, Is there anyone tried and used Arroyo Tires before? May I know your reviews or comments on this tire? thanks
  4. Excellent Review @skumar83
  5. chutz

    Mazda 3 Alternative Gear Oil

    Thanks Brandan
  6. chutz

    Mazda 3 Alternative Gear Oil

    Hi Treks, I can say accessibility as Mazda gear oils only available in Mazda/ Galadari agency. Galadari garage & their repair agency are always busy and they required to leave the car for the whole day with them just to change the gear oils.
  7. Dear Mates, Any suggestions for alternative gear oil for Mazda 3? Did someone from Mazda 3 owners here change gear oils from other garage? Thanks
  8. chutz

    Seat Covers for Pajero

    Custom made you can try in Damascus Street, Dubai, there's about 4-6 shops if your heading to Sharjah it was on the Right Side (from Spinneys/ Snow white Garments till next Traffic Signal) they're doing a custom seat cover & floor mats which as per texture & quality that might fit on your budget but as Danny said it will cost you 600-800 or till 1000 I can say, which I guess more worth to have than the ready made which cost you around 600.
  9. Hi Rahim, Till now I did not try to work on this one, but last time I visit some of the spare parts store in Al Quasis and look for the cabin air cleaner element for old pajero model, they told me that its not available. Thanks
  10. chutz

    want to buy Mazda 3

    Agree with shadow79, its a strong car and reliable car as well. I have mazda 3 (2012) and Im using it for my daily drive to work-home Abu dhabi- Dubai everyday. for straight 4.5 years. What major issue I found with this car was, about the transmission, It's gave a jerk while the gear shifts from higher gear to the lower gear (I guess it's happen due to my way of driving before which sometimes I do Engine break & setting it to manual transmission while overtaking). It was fixed at least by changing one sensor on the transmission & changing the gear oil. (note that original gear oil is only available from them). Its a good car just ensure that it has taking care by the first owner & well maintained as well.
  11. Hi Rahim, Didn't have time yet to work on that, I'll plan to do it on my leave this coming March. I'll update you with that. Regards
  12. Thanks Rahim for your advise and sharing this video.
  13. Dear Mates, Is it true that Pajero 2012 model doesn't have cabin air filter?, I have a used one and I requested Al Habtoor to change it but they said it doesn't have cabin filter, but from the internet it says that it has to be change at least every 6 months. I am complaining with them the bad smell of the rear fan everytime I switched it as well. Might you can help me to get rid of it, I tried SONAX the one available from Zoom/ ENOC but still the smell was their. Thanks in Advance.
  14. chutz

    Xado Auto Lube Centres L.L.C.

    Any comments or reviews with XADO auto lube service? Please share any experience with thier service. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the info,. that's a great news for us, especially doing a long drives everyday., I'll definitely buy and had it on my dashboard.