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  1. sreejith132


    Guys, How much mileage should I get for Toyota Camry 2015. My Toyota Camry 2015 (Limited) give only 7- 8 kms per liter. I have good service history with Toyota Service Center (SHJ). Just 1 time with Dynatrade. I discussed this with Toyota Service advisor, who told many customers have such complaints regarding Camry. I discussed with Toyota and Dynatrade (SHJ) service advisor regarding this mileage issue and about tuning the engine. They told they couldn't help much, as everything is automatic. When I asked Taxi drivers, they are saying they get 15 kms/litre. I drive during traffic hours from shj to dxb n bck with rare use of air condition. Any suggestions on how to get good mileage? or any workshop / mechanic who can tune up the engine to get good mileage??
  2. sreejith132

    squeaking noise over humps and turns

    it was around a year back....long before the tsunami in japan....... u can observe the auto spares market.....all the japanese make auto spare parts have increased drastically after the tsunami in japan ............
  3. sreejith132

    mazda 6 LED HEADLIGHTS

    thanx majeed ...!!
  4. sreejith132

    squeaking noise over humps and turns

    hi... it is the problem due to the crank shaft pulley..... i had the same prob.....n i got it repaired from galadari abu dhabi for abt 1800 aed....
  5. sreejith132

    mazda 6 LED HEADLIGHTS

    does anybody know where i can get LED headlights for my mazda 6 2005 model in abu dhabi or dubai...??? if possible....plz give me the name and address of the shop and telephone number.......... thanx guyzzzz cheers........