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  1. Do you hear something squeaking? that means that the water pump is not circulating the coolant properly and your car is overheating. Remember if you hear anything close you should get the water pump checked or else your car will soon strand you at some point in time. Or another problem related to the water pump is that the fluid starts leaking from the weep hole which means that the internal seal has failed.
  2. many reasons can cause the overheating problem .. but majority of them are related to the coolant system. - low coolant level - leakage in the engine cooling system - bad thermostat - Water pump is damaged where the coolant is not circulatd properly - trapped air in ur cooling system which is rare - radiator cooling fan has stopped working properly - Radiator is clogged - Radiator cap needs replacing - a blown head gasket, another rare case and quite apparent
  3. just hold on there a second, there is however one difference ... 06 was introduced with anti-lock brakes so if you are inclined towards the 06 i think its a better option for safety reasons as well. Have fun!
  4. Howdy!! Please have the O2 sensor checked. that might be your problem and you can soon get out of it as well if it is! Regards.
  5. Fellas, this is common in recent cars, screen problems, sat-nav problems, radio problems, bluetooth problems, they more or less come under the same system which is the technology incorporated inside the car... usually this problem fixes itself once battery is disengaged and reconnected after a couple of mints. This sort of resets the power supply to the system which allows it to shut down and restart ... try having that done if no one can figure it out. GL!
  6. hi guys, just wanted to share this amazing beauty - the Mazda Deep Orange 3 Concept Car by Mazda and Clemson univ. the looks are just absolutely amazing ... i wish it would hit the market because if nothing else i'd at least would want to go on a test drive on this!!
  7. Hi guys, When I had a background noise problem while using my bluetooth during calls I got really mad and searched online for it. Supposedly you can reset the bluetooth system with just a couple of steps. this should be present in the manual as well so do check it before you proceed with the reset process. 1. turn the audio power on 2. Press and power button and audio button simultaneously for 2 seconds approx. 3. '39' is the diagnostic code for the reset so input that when prompted 4. To reset - press the enter button until it shows that the passwords have been cleared. Cheers!!
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