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  1. I don't think its possible for a reason that how bluetooth will know which one to dial from if both are connected. You can wait for few years when bluetooth tech becomes more advance and allow to connect two device from single bluetooth. lol.
  2. salman

    Life of Good Tires

    Good tires can last for max. 6 years. And it is highly recommended to change the car tires after every 5-6 years.
  3. salman

    Steering Linkage

    If the linkage is worn, the steering becomes too loose and playful. When this happens, ay car can lose control gradually and end up in an accident.
  4. I see. And how can we really judge if the tire pressure is under inflation?
  5. Doesn't matters which ever car you drive: be it manual or automatic, transmission fluid plays a significant role in maintaining the transmission and running the engine smoothly. If in case you do not maintain the level of transmission fluid or do not change the transmission fluid regulalry, the gear box is badly affected by it. It spoils the smoothness of the engine and the transmission becomes too hard that its difficult to change the gear from one to another. It also makes grinding noise in the car.
  6. To remove the hybrid battery, remove the rear seat back cushion in order to disconnect the hybrid battery. You will see two screws mentioning UP on the cover, unscrew them to remove it.
  7. How do tires fail because of underinflation?
  8. How to perform residual fuel pressure test in Cadillac BLS?
  9. Please suggest some tips on engine Rebuilding. My explorer needs Engine rebuilding actually.
  10. For me the most important feature in a car is the theft sensor along with remote sensor. Those days are gone when one use to lock their cars manually. But after remote sensors and theft system, the cars are very secure and you don't have to worry about your car if gets stolen when you are sleeping.
  11. Why don't you go towards Fujairah. I mean the weather is really nice, and i am sure you and your girl will love the cold breeze in the mountain area. Have hot tea in chilly weather. That's where i generally go with my wife. I just love the weather and the drive.
  12. Hey Guys. Please help me guiding on how to modify Jeep Liberty for Off road drive? Thinking to do the same with my car but need some guidance on the same.
  13. salman

    Tips for Long Drives

    Very nicely explained dude. Appreciated. I suppose you covered all the points. Thanks for sharing. I was kinda looking for the same thing as well. Soon going for a long trip with family. I will definitely keep all these points in my mind, Thanks again!
  14. What is ZDDP?
  15. salman

    Too many things going wrong

    Well this is what i can think of. You can always check the voltage of your battery. If it's between 13 -15, then your battery is fine, other wise its reinsuring the battery issue.