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  1. 2017 Mazda CX-9 crossover becoming a handsome hunk now, still no info on what power this handsome has ??? Is that V6 yet or V8 this time??
  2. World's Fastest Bike races million-dollar Bugatti Veyron supercar in half-mile airstrip race. Watch out!!
  3. I am pretty much impressed with the hugely improved interior design and infotainment; Atenza’s benchmark active safety technology; quieter than before; less lumpy ride on 19-inch wheels; sedan’s roomy rear seat in all new Mazda 6 review posted official on Internet. Well also I found that Still not the most refined in the class, particularly with petrol engine. Does anybody know more in depth review or blog on internet please share.
  4. Being a Mazda enthusiast would like to share that the Mazda rolled new SUV in the Frankfurt Motor Show this year with the Koeru concept. The showpiece is the latest embodiment of the Japanese brand's Kodo design language, applied with dramatic effect to a large crossover shape. Video Preview: https://youtu.be/CIP5Xwlr4J4 Could this be a preview for the next CX-9?
  5. News worth sharing with all of you petrol-heads: Reports say's MAZDA’S CX-9 replacement is set to ditch its V6 engine in favour of a forced-induction four-cylinder petrol unit, bringing significantly lower fuel costs but no loss of performance. Unbelievable!!
  6. Has anyone got major service from Galadari.
  7. i think my cousin is looking for the same grill please tell me where to look for it.
  8. Should i be worried that there is a slight fluctuation in temperature.
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