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  1. I've heard that the toyota yaris wasn't very good for highways or roadtrips. I was planning on taking a trip aroudn UAE within the next three months and I am wondering whether I can rely on yaris or not.
  2. Go to a garage with suitable equipment and check the wheel alignment. This situation will only get worse if you don't fix the problem. It will cause you driving problems and you will jeopardize your personal safety and the safety of the other drivers.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys! The weather in UAE is becoming hotter and hotter these days so I am sure we can all use these tips.
  4. You should also check the exhaust system. If it isn't working properly you may experience this kind of problem but you can also damage the engine.
  5. What would you choose guys? Infinity Q50 hybrid or mercedes C350 coupe? The infinity has much more features and better mileage, but the other model is a Mercedes:)
  6. Well, if your car paint is damaged this is a good option. Make sure to find a professioal car painter and qaulity service before you do that.
  7. There are few reasons - maybe your freon level is very low, maybe the hose is leaking somewhere (in this case they'll put special paint to determine that) or maybe the compressor is damaged.
  8. I think that every major car wash in UAE is offering car polishing service. Am I right? Do you have some specific suggestions?
  9. Thanks for sharing these tips mate! It seems that it is not very difficult to add few extra HP in any vehicle. I believe that this perfectly safe, adding too much hp can probably lead to overheating and problems.
  10. Doolant leaking can be a serious problem, It was a good idea to visit your dealer. This repair would've cost you much more in one month.
  11. Adil don't be a pessimist mate:) Things will eventually go in the right direction. A lot of things were improved in the past decade.
  12. Thanks hisham this information is very useful. I guess that this is something that we can perform in any of the established garages in UAE right?
  13. This test is used in order to determine the amount of voltage the socket is producing. You will need a suitable tool to check that.
  14. I've never heard about this type of sensor. Cna anyone tell me what is their purpose? Why are they used and are they exclusivly made for expensive models?
  15. This s hard one Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. If my budget is tight I would go with a used Mitsubishi, but if I have enough money I would choose anew one (no need to change car parts frequently).
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