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  1. Hi Techs, I have a mazda 6 2004 ( classic huh! ) that I replaced the compressor recently. My problem now is, even the fan blower and everything is switched off from the control panel from the inside, the compressor keeps on working. Basically, once you turn on the ignition, it automatically engages the compressor, and it wont stop until you turn off the engine.We have tried everything on our knowledge and read forums but nothing worked so far. It would be ideal to keep the ac running on summer time but not to the point that you end up with frozen expansion valve and blown hoses! Any idea Mazda 6ers? Cheers, Patrick
  2. I have to replace a leaking compressor, drier and expansion valve ( as diagnosed from the workshop ), and to solve the excessive vibration on idle, need to change all the motor mount and gear mount. Can anybody suggest a cheaper spare parts shop and workshop to do this things for me? Cheers! ZOOM6 2004..
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