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  1. gshane


  2. gshane

    Does Porsche's burn oil ?

    I agree with leey. It is quite natural for turbo-charged cars to burn some amonut of oil. It also depends on the way you drive your car. In my opinion, this is not something that you should worry about.
  3. gshane

    Used Auto parts Ok to use!

    It is completely fine to have used parts in your car, but just make sure that they are working properly. In order to avoid any accidents, use a reliable dealer. of course, stick only to used parts that can't affect the basic functions of your car.
  4. gshane

    when do i change the oil

    I recommend using fully synthetic oil and changing it after 10.000 km or after one year. Whenever you do this you shoudl check the other oils too. That's why I use professional mechanics.
  5. This is a really strange problem because it is usually the other way round. One thing is for sure - this is not something related to your transmission. It is probably something related to the ignition or engine, but you need professional help. I agree that the fuel might be a problem too.
  6. gshane

    Peugeot 508 vs Mazda 6

    Which one would you choose and why? I know that Mazda 6 has better fuel economy, but Peugeot 508 has lower maintenance cost.
  7. gshane

    Tundra reaching 97k km

    I woudln't focus only on the spark plugs. Check your brakes, timing belt and coolant too. 100.000 km is not much for a car like this, but you need to be cautious.
  8. gshane

    car is making a thud noise when breaking

    I believe that the discs from the brakes are reminding you that it is time to change the brakes. make sure that the discs are not damaged too.
  9. Read the manual, but make sure to do this carefully because if you make some damage you won't be able to adjust the seat once you get it back in place.
  10. gshane

    Which year M3 is good to buy?

    BMW M3 is a powerful car, so you can easily find good cars that are even 10 years old. Of course, you need to check its condition thoroughly first, just in case.
  11. gshane

    Auto or manual?

    What type of transmission have you used so far? It really depends on the driving style you prefer, but I am sure that you can handle both types of transmission if you are an experienced driver. I prefer manual transmission because I feel that I have the complete control over my vehicle.
  12. gshane

    Ford Mondeo TDCI

    I am experiencing a strange phenomenon in my Ford Mondeo. The glow plug light is on for more than 10 days and I have not noticed any difference in the driving. What do you think is the cause of this problem?
  13. Are you talking about the product itself or the complete procedure? If you are looking only for the brake rotors I would suggest using the Internet because there are many discounts.
  14. gshane

    1st gear is not working.

    I would definitely check the fluid in the transmission. If I am right, this may be the first symptom of lack of fluids in this system and it can lead to more serious damage.
  15. gshane

    boucing while braking

    Maybe it's something wrong with your ABS. This system usually creates this feeling when you abruptly hit the brakes. Maybe it is malfunctioning and it is activated all the time.